Love On A New Level

In 2014, we went to visit one of our favorite cities – Helsinki, Finland! We walked around town before sitting in a cafe and enjoying the misty view of the harbor.

We reminisced as we walked hand-in-hand to our hotel. Once the door to our room closed behind us, I made the move embracing him from behind while he was looking out the window. I ran my hands across his abdomen.

“Oh honey, I was hoping for some of this.” He responded, aroused and he turned around to kiss me, and open my dress. When he opened my dress, he was surprised with my new lingerie bra and panties! Pastel green with white lace and I moved sexily as I got out of the dress.

I danced around him as I unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off him. I ran my hands down his abdomen and unbuckled his pants and pulled it all down, revealing his penis.

My husband unhooked my bra, freeing my perky breasts and pulled down my feminine panties. And then I intended on helping him relax by giving him my special massage, so I got some lavender oil while he lay on the bed, face down, super excited.

I stood over him on my knees and sprinkled some oil on his back. I then worked my oily hands gently at first to spread the oil around.

Then I massaged just a little harder to relax the muscles before I started to massage his upper back with my breasts and then his lower back and hot butt with my lady place.

“Oh yes, honey I love it when you wet me!” He groaned delightfully. It wasn’t long before I came strongly on his back, and I uninhibitedly convulsed and cried out in erotic euphoria as my husband enjoyed feeling my ecstasy.

I took a moment to catch my breath and then I lay next to him. My lady placed was extra wet now, and I saw how big my husband’s cock had become so he entered me. I could feel his cock pulsating and I looked forward to him having a nice, big orgasm.

I enjoyed our sexy kisses while my husband thrust inside my cushiony soft vagina. He massaged my breasts just as another orgasm swept through my body. Then my husband climaxed, and he screamed while jerking hard inside of me, before letting out a sigh of orgasmic relief.

He climbed off of me and lay next to me. As I turned, I lay my arm across his chest and rested my head below his shoulder. He embraced me and kissed my head, stroking my arm briefly


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