The Birthday Bitch

Mmm, fuck…keep doing that. Don’t stop until I cum.”

I tightened my grip on Will’s hair until I was certain it must hurt. He knew enough to take my words seriously; he licked and sucked my clit with increased fervor, knowing that if I didn’t cum, he wouldn’t, either. Probably not for a while as he’d be wearing his cock cage every day.

Not that I really needed the cage to keep him in line. He was an eager little fuck toy who enjoyed being used, abused, and humiliated as I saw fit. If I told him to keep his hands off his sad little cock, he would. He was a glutton for punishment. But he was also a horny fucker whose hands were always on his dick, and I enjoyed knowing that with the cock cage, I could take that pleasure away from him.

“Use your fingers… fuck me, I’m close,” I panted, giving the hair in my fist a sharp tug. A moment later, I groaned as my pussy spasmed. Will continued to lick until I pushed his head away.

I caught my breath, then addressed him in a dismissive tone.

“You took too long. No orgasm for you, I’m afraid.” I smiled at his fleeting look of disappointment.

“You have a problem with that?”

“No, Liza.” I didn’t demand to be called Mistress, or Ma’am. I didn’t need a silly title to get him and keep him on his knees.

“Good.” I leaned over and kissed his lips. “That’s a good boy. Bring your cage over here and let’s lock you up so there is no temptation.”

He did as I asked and climbed into bed behind me, the cool metal between his legs pressed up against the cheeks of my ass.

“So—my birthday will be coming up in a few weeks,” I began innocently as we ate breakfast the next morning. “And there is something I’d like you to do for me.”

Will placed his spoon back in his cereal bowl. “Of course, Liza. What is it?”

“Well, I know what an eager slut you are. And you please me very much. But as you know, I like to push your boundaries. I realize this is something you’re on the fence about, but it isn’t a hard limit, and well…it is my birthday.”

He looked at me curiously. “Okay. What exactly is it?”

I set my coffee cup down and looked him in the eye. “We both love it when I fuck you with the strap-on like the nasty little bitch you are. And you are aware of my fondness for watching two men fuck. I think it’s time you took a real cock up the ass for me.”

There was a moment of silence. I knew he wouldn’t love the idea; might even resist it. Being with another man was as close to a hard limit as he had, but he hadn’t entirely ruled it out. And I knew that when he was highly aroused, he would do just about anything that was asked of him.

“Hmm. I wasn’t expecting that.”

“Oh, come on. You knew it would come up sooner or later. It’s been a while since we talked about it, but the only thing that would get me wetter than fucking you myself would be watching you get fucked with a real cock. And ultimately, if I say you’re going to do it, what’s going to happen?”

He cast his eyes downward. “If you say I’m going to do it, I’ll do it.”

“That’s right. Because who’s the bitch in this relationship, Will?”

“I am, Liza. I’m your bitch.”

I reached out to stroke his hair. “That’s right, you are. All mine. Now go on, or you’ll be late for work. I want you to think about being bent over while another man works his cock into your ass. With me watching, of course.”

He groaned as he got up from the table, a noticeable bulge forming in the front of his trousers.

If he’d had real objections to it, of course he could have always refused. Will liked to be pushed into kinkier and kinkier things, so I had no misgivings about basically telling him he was going to do it.

“Get on your back and get ready for me. I hope you’ve been using your plug. I want to use you hard tonight.”

He scrambled into position like the obedient, horny little slut he was. I tossed a bottle of lube to him. “Prep yourself. No reason I should do all the work.”

Of course, I knew he relished the embarrassment of having to finger his ass while I stood there and watched, strap-on in position. He grunted as he pushed two fingers in, then three. After a few minutes I slapped his hand away.

“Get up on all fours.” He did, and I knelt behind him, running one hand over his muscular ass.

“Tell me you want to get fucked.”

“I want to get fucked, please.”

“Good boy, remembering your manners.” I teased his asshole with the tip of the strap-on before pushing in, going all the way in one smooth thrust.

“Ah, fuck…” Will’s head hung down. His panting breaths gave away his excitement.

I slowly pulled out until just the head remained inside him. A slow thrust back in… out. In. Out. I could sense that he wanted it faster, harder, but I wasn’t ready it give it to him yet.

“You love having my cock inside you, don’t you, bitch?”

“Y-yes, Liza.” His voice was strained.

I sighed. “That doesn’t sound very convincing at all. Do better.”

He took a deep breath. “I love getting fucked by your cock, Liza. I love being a nasty little slut for you.”

“Mmm, I know you do. But you know what I think you’d really like? And more importantly, what I’d really like?” I stopped fucking him altogether, the tip of the strap-on barely touching his hole; teasing him.

“W-what, Liza?” Frustration and desperation were evident in his tone.

I drove the silicone cock home, rocking him forward with the force and suddenness of my thrust. “To see you taking a real cock up your ass. That’s what I want.”

The only answer I got was a stream of muttered curses and moans as I fucked him the way he wanted, needed. It was enough.

The weekend of my birthday I’d made reservations at an elegant hotel. Will hadn’t asked what I wanted for my birthday, as he usually did; this year I’d been very clear about it. We hadn’t talked about it again, but he knew that when I said something, I meant it. He also knew that a stay in a hotel usually meant bringing toys, and a night of dirty, kinky fun. Somehow, it was more exciting to be doing such things away from the familiar confines of home.

We checked in late Saturday afternoon. Will took me out to dinner, where he presented me with an exquisite platinum and diamond bracelet.

“I haven’t forgotten what we talked about. I— ”

I cut him off with a smile. “I haven’t, either. Let’s go back to the room now.”

He nodded and motioned the waiter over. When the bill was settled, we headed for the elevator.

As we entered the room, I closed the door and pinned Will between it and my body. My lips met his in a hard kiss.

“Get undressed and on the bed. I’ll be out in a moment.” I picked up a small suitcase and brought it into the bathroom with me.

I changed into the outfit I’d brought especially for tonight. Opening the door, I could see Will lying on his back naked on the bed.

He groaned when I stepped out of the bathroom. He loved seeing me in heels and skimpy lingerie almost as much as I loved seeing him in it. Tonight, I wore black fishnets and a sheer black bra and thong. Ankle strap heels finished the look.

“Like it, pussy?” I smirked at his rapidly hardening cock.

“Yes, Liza.” His gaze was hungry and eager.

“Of course you do. Sit up.” I took the blindfold I’d brought with me and secured it over his eyes, tying it behind his head. “Get into position… ass up, head down.”

Moving behind him, I admired the way his posture opened him up for me. I ran a finger around his asshole, enjoying his muffled moans. Spreading his cheeks with both hands, I leaned in and touched the tip of my tongue to his hole. He groaned.

“Like that, don’t you, you nasty little cunt? Like having your asshole licked?” Dirty talk made him even more desperate and ready.

His response was a garbled moan. I licked circles around his hole, barely brushing it before finally dragging my tongue from his asshole to his balls and back again. He shuddered. I pushed the tip of my tongue against him, poking and teasing as he relaxed and opened for me.

“What a dirty little slut you, lying here having your ass licked.”

When I got no response, I slapped his ass hard. “Forgot your manners? I said, what a dirty little slut you are. Aren’t you?”

“Fuck! Yes, Liza. I’m your dirty slut.” He was panting hard now, aroused and eager.

“Yes, you are. And sluts like to get fucked, don’t they?”

“Yes, oh God, yes…”

Crouching behind him, I squirted some lube down his crack and pushed in one finger, then two. Fucking him vigorously, I asked, “But you don’t want just fingers, do you?”


“Good. And neither do I.” I removed my fingers and stood. “Don’t move.”

I went about my preparations, wondering what was going through his mind as he heard the muted click of the door.

After a few minutes I returned to his side. “Getting impatient, are we? Ready to have your ass reamed good?”

He gave a frantic nod.

“Good, good. First tell me—why are we here this weekend?”

“What? We’re here because it’s your birthday.”

“Very good. And what did I tell you I wanted for my birthday?”

I could tell the moment realization hit. “Liza… oh, God— ”

I motioned for the tall, muscular stranger to step forward. He was naked, his cock hard.

“I adore the bracelet, Will. But you know I want this, and I know deep down you really want to give it to me. Don’t you? Tell me you want a nice, hard cock up the ass. Tell me.”

“Fuck. Please, Liza…” Even as he balked, he never changed position.

“Tell me. Don’t be ashamed of wanting to get fucked like the pussy bitch you are. Tell me.”

I motioned the stranger forward, and he moved into position behind Will. I reached out and grasped his thick cock and rubbed it between Will’s cheeks.

“Tell me you want it.”

His breathing was fast and harsh as I teased his soon to be abused asshole. My lips brushed his ear as I repeated the command.

“Tell me!”

“ Fuck… fuck. Yes, I want it.” The words came out in a choked whisper.

“Mmm, that’s my good boy.”

I nodded to the stranger. As he got in position behind Will, I lay back on the bed, my pussy well within Will’s reach.

“You’re going to lick me while you’re taking it up the ass. You’d better do a good job of it, or I’ll make sure you can’t sit down for a week.”

Will nodded eagerly. He was clearly in such a state of fuck-it-all horniness that he probably would have done anything that was asked of him, no matter how degrading. Being told to lick my pussy was a treat; normally he’d have had to beg for it.

He bent and parted my labia with his tongue, groaning as he did so. He’d just begun working my pussy when he lurched forward with a grunt. He was taking his first real cock.

“Fuck.” Will lifted his head from between my thighs, panting as the stranger’s cock was withdrawn. I felt him tense up as once again the stranger thrust forward, filling him, beginning to thrust rhythmically.

“Feel good?” I played with his sweaty hair as he panted above me. “You like being another man’s bitch?”

His low moan told me that he did, indeed, like it.

“Mmm… that’s a good boy. But remember, you might have his cock in your ass tonight, but you’re my bitch. Now get back to licking my cunt.”

I pushed the back of his head down for emphasis. He went at it like a starving man.

Watching and listening as he took his first cock was incredibly arousing. His skilled tongue soon had me arching my back, yanking on his hair as I came hard against his mouth. Judging by his strained grunts, the stranger was getting close, too. I lay there watching as he made one final thrust forward, gripping Will’s hips and panting harshly as he climaxed.

Will looked like he was ready to collapse. The muscles in his arms trembled with the effort of holding himself up.

“How’s it feel having another man’s cum in your ass?”

“Oh, God…” The stranger finished and withdrew, and Will fell forward onto his elbows. “Oh, God…”

Now that it was over, I felt a rush of pride and affection. I untied the blindfold and pushed his hair off his forehead. “Good boy. I’m proud of you. Come up here.”

I sank back into the pillows, motioning for Will to lie beside me. I pulled him close and stroked his back. We stayed like that for several minutes, until the quiet click of the door closing told me that we were now alone.

“That was so hot, watching you. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

“Mmm…” I laughed at his inarticulateness.

“Thank you for trusting me, even though I know it was a hard choice for you. You know I have your best interests at heart and would never do anything that would cause serious harm.”

I grabbed a fistful of hair and forced his head up so he was looking into my eyes.

“I knew you wanted it, and you know how much I love pushing you.”

Will gave a drowsy smile. “Yeah. Although after that, I’m not sure what’s left to push.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Oh? Not to worry; I’ll keep you on your toes.”

His wry laughter was soon cut short.

“Besides, you know I’ve always wanted to see you suck cock.”



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