Sunshine On A Rainy Day

Laying on my bed my windows open, watching the rain fall.

The drops landing on the crops that surround my farm house.

The beauty of it all astonishes me, nature at its best.

The thunder softly echoing across the sky.

If I close my eyes tight I can hear your voice riding the wind.

Calling out to me in the form of the lighting that zig zags across the cloudy gray sky.

As I peer out the window from my warm cozy perch I see the sun peeking trough the clouds.

I know its you smiling at me from afar, for even though we are apart I can feel you here.

You arms around me as the storm rages on, the sky falling, the rain renewing our world.

The wind whipping the fields as if gods hand is brushing them to and fro, such a beautiful sight.

The world rumbles, the clouds rolling by as the storm rages on, the thunder your words only meant for me.

The thunder crashes, lighting flashing, rain coming down but there it is the sun breaking through the gray clouds.

The sun peeking through caresses my cheek as I lay upon my bed.

I can almost feel you hand there brushing back my mess of curls.

Your gentle caress letting me know you are thinking about me, missing me as I am missing you.

Smiling as I close my eyes reviling in the touch of the sun on this most glories rainy day.


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