Untying The Knot

Every night a new arrival, flesh so sweet and careless mind.
Though I know the joy of sharing, I see chastity unwind.
Do not contemplate or falter. Let them not into my soul.
Take all that they willful offer, lead my charge into their hole.

Still I cannot help but wonder. Is this pleasure all there is?
Have I lost some of the meaning? Is there something that I miss?

All around me lovers quarrel, kiss and making love again.
All I have is mindless fucking. Everything seems all in vain.
Maybe I want what they offer, without knowing if I dare.
Every time I see their eyes, I know I cannot let them near.

Though I know the reason for it, I refuse to understand.
Will not, cannot, know the truth. I hide within a naked land.

Still, when I embrace my lovers, let the lust command my limbs,
I forget the reason for it, I just follow all my whims.
Knowing that they yearn my body, I will give them all they need.
Drinking every ounce of pleasure. Giving in to godless greed.

No remorse and no compassion. Every thrust is like a lie.
As I come, I’m back again. I fall asleep and hope to die.


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