When Playing For The Coach

in the college showers
beyond the swimming
pool, the mean
and bitter swim coach
cornered her prey
“come with me”
said swim coach
she was a tall women
of middle age, and she
gets what she wants
“I told you, not to grow
that fucken’ hair on
your pussy” scolded
the swim coach
“my girls are my
responsibility here
and you do as I say if
you want to swim for me”
yelled the coach
The coach grabbed the
college girl by the hair
and pulled her into
the office….
three women and
a man, were in the office
and interested in this
college girl’s disobedience
and sin
“Look at the whore”
yelled the coach
and the people looked
the 3 women were former
swimmers and came to
visit the coach for a day
of sexual entertainment
“yes, very sinful”
said a blonde whore
college swimmer
the man smiled, waiting upon
a wonderful sex experience…
the tall coach put the nude
girl on one of the visitor
girl’s lap and held her down
“look at the bush she
grew, that is not acceptable”
said the coach
“we better control her”
said a dark complexioned
swimmer girl
“spread her legs”
said the coach
and the 3 girls spread
Debbie’s legs very wide
the man got the
razor and soap
“shave her nice and clean”
said the coach
in several strokes the
whole bush was gone
now, the 3 girls forced
their tongues into
the girl’s oral cavity
taking turns French kissing
the young whore
the coach played with Debbie’s
nipples and the man
stood back with
a ten inch erection
two of the girls got
on their knees and began
sucking Ted’s gigantic cock
the coach focused on
eating Debbie’s pussy
and Debby fully
surrendered to the lust
“you like pussy eating?”
asked the coach
and Debbie agreed
the man then got off
the floor and stood near
“begin sucking his cock”
yelled the coach
and Debbie began sucking
“Kiss the head and lick
the top, like a popsicle”
said the coach
and Debbie sucked
hard and deep
“Very good”
said the coach
the three girl visitors
were now on the ground
in a threesome, in their own
Ted rode Debbie’s mouth
like a pussy
Ted yelled and
let his load of semen
onto Debbie’s face
and the coach licked
Debbie’s face clean
the girl’s waved for
Debbie and she was
carried onto the floor
and thrown to the


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