A Sensual Moment

Slowly, sensually
He runs his hands over her body,
Tracing her curves,
Her skin forming goosebumps
Wherever his warm hands leave.

His hot lips
Make her arch in pleasure,
In need for more,
As he awakens her slumbering body,
Creating a roaring fire within.

She shivers and moans
As his lips brush over her mound,
Finding her core,
Her aching body his to devour,
Her sweet nectar his to drink.

Her passion and arousal

Drives him mad with desire,
Needing to feel her
Yield to his demanding hardness.
With a growl, he thrusts into her wetness.

Clinging, a joined rhythm,
They melt into one,
A furnace of lust,
Exploding ecstasy
As they find their release.

Arms, legs tangled,
Wrapped together close,
Blissfully spent and resting,
They feel complete, happy,
Two hearts beating for each other.


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