I see your name and face in everything,
diagrams, architecture, uncharted oceans,
candlelit shapes and the mysterious ionosphere,
recesses that only dim in your absence.

Where latitude and longitude split,
where you once noted these fevers,
no heat has yet to escape,
no animal has been sated.

Some unnameable foretelling begins
to strain through your every peak,
glistens the folds of a secret valley
in the same way I shiver to the root
at the mere sound of your name.

I can always feel it.

As we measure the pull,
oblivious to the currents
we travel through together,
your body will haunt me
from here on out.

I will never be able to touch another
without an echo of your perfection
marking my entire form,
branding me as forever yours.

Your cries swell and eclipse
the ones that escape me
as I begin to thrust,
every limb is pure motion
finally screaming to life.

Whatever history was separate
is now irrevocably one,
any knowledge of senses revoked
and replaced with this infinity.

I see your name and shape in everything,
diagrams, skylines, crystalline waters,
phantoms laced in mysterious shadows,
unexplained flares in the ionosphere.

Where latitude and longitude split,
I dream you up where paper and songs
fail to do justice to the way you flutter across
even the smallest hair that helplessly
trembles from this new electricity.

Where you once noted the fevers,
a dangerous parallel is growing,
heat draws us closer and rules out
any desire to turn back from
the need streaming through our bones.

I see your face and name all over me,
limbs, muscles, our gasps,
stars grazing our vast ionosphere,
all scream in tune with you.

Some unnameable foretelling begins
to articulate itself in the crash,
in a glistening core pierced,
it almost feels wrong to trespass
through such tender darkness.

I can always feel it.

As we measure the pull
and sway to our currents,
inside of you I expand,
tuned to a space that isn’t
bridged or traveled to,
it’s always reached for,
sought out in your
deepest embrace clasping.

I will never want to touch another

because your body will haunt mine,
intoxicate me in moments alone
as I caress the invisible marks
you’ve branded me with.

And in those moments,
the fevers you once noted
will sear me the most as I reach
to quell those throbbing aches.

Your touch will be the faithful ghost,
memory guiding to reenact
precisely how you take me.

I move to the unseen metronome,
soothing this strained column
and tingling in follicles where
fingers laced through hair,
gripped tight when I was
moving deep within you.

Moving to our currents,
you squeeze and pulse around me
as if saying to stay forever,
to never let our heat escape.

That flame surrounds me now,
draws me to a fixed point
where your cries eclipse all else,
where your hips surge as I pull
your nipple between salivating lips,
heart pounding throughout
its perfect sensitive bud.

The blood beneath there,
our parallel living rivers,
flow to a foretelling.

This unforgiving hunger we incite,
separates all previous history,
converges upon joined flesh
now as a singular timeline.

I see your face and name in everything,
diagrams, cells, forgotten sciences,
sparks scaling the ionosphere
as we measure how deep fevers run.

Where latitude and longitude have split,
shivered in the silences between,
you’ve wanted to bring this
out of me for quite some time.

Some unnameable animal articulated
in moans bordering on violent grunts,
in your glistening core,
the convulsive clench
flooding nectar everywhere.

It almost feels wrong to trespass
through such tender darkness,
piercing and moving inside you, though,
proves that neither of us are fragile.

I see your name and face in everything,
diagrams, neurons, and melodies,
sinewy fibers and unseen tissues,
bursting stars that illuminate
the dark space beyond our ionosphere.

I will be haunted by your body
even as this continuous need blooms,
roams across this naked flesh
as we scream near release,
there is no way to measure the pull,
the current we sway through together.

I can always feel you,
marking me as forever yours.


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