Train Ride Part 2

Shit. That’s what this day has become, a giant tub of shit and dreams. The single light in the cart flickers at the very end. My panties are nearly soaked through and only getting worse.

She was silent sitting across from me, I refuse to meet her eyes, nervous as hell, and almost panting from anxiety and the thought of doing something petty.

What if I got up and pretended to fall or trip and land on her lap. Put on the sexy innocent face jutting out my lower lip into a sexy pout.

She couldn’t resist. Or I would just look like some idiot slut trying to get a free bang in an empty cart all the way at the very end of the train.

“So what are you thinking about?” Her voice caressed my ear right beside me, making me jump in surprise. When had she gotten up?

“Um, n-nothing… w-work.” I stutter out a lie trying to compose myself God why did I stutter? I never stutter!

“Work sounds like a lot of nothing to be thinking about so hard.” She chuckled her voice so sexy I wondered where she bought it from, because there is just no freaking way she was born with it.

So husky and alluring like a bad-ass with the voice of an angel. My pussy tingles as I imagine her whispering dirty commanding words in my ear with that amazing sex voice spanking me hard if I don’t listen.

I can feel a moan building up in my throat, and I try hard to shove it and the thoughts back down.

“Is anybody in there?” The husky whisper causes shivers to run down my spine all the way to the tip of my toes, my pussy clenches, her warm breath caressing my ear. I can feel her body heat mix with mine. When did she get so close to me?

“OH fuck,” I moan out automatically. My mind shoving the image of that same breath against my clit, her big grey eyes staring at me as she ate my pussy. Her long wide tongue cotton soft against my folds, moaning at how wet I am.

“So it isn’t work that has your mind all closed up.” She chuckles and her hand somehow finds its way through the darkness and onto my legging clad knee.

“Wha-what are you d-doing?” I gasp, wanting her to rip the leggings.

“You seem to be in such a daze I thought this might make reality a bit better for you.” She says just before tearing my leggings from my right thigh, ripping the stretchy material.

I gasp and try to push her hand away hoping she was as controlling as I had dreamed of.

“Everyday I see you in these tight skirts or tight jeans, hugging those thick thighs. I had always wondered where your mind ran off too, so for the last few weeks I sit beside you. Did you know you talk and moan when you’re in your world.”

“Oh God, I’m-” I begin.

“Shut the fuck up.” She growls in the most sexiest voice I’ve ever heard on a woman. “Every fucking day I wonder who it is you’re dreaming of, Surely a woman like yourself is bound to be looking for a big strong man right? And then there’s everyday when you’re staring at me just before you go into that world of yours. I can see how your legs clamp shut your body shaking you always sit with your hands behind your back a sign in my book that a woman loves to be submissive.”

Her hand begins a slow journey up my thigh as her words turn me on more than the feeling of my clit when I play with myself. I grip the sides of my shirt to keep myself grounded as her words continue with a vengeance.

“You like to be used huh? To be told if you’ve been bad or good, to be tied up and spanked, to be bent over and taken, to be yelled at, to be fucked and eaten, oh and tortured and teased, treated like a slave, A servant. Is that what you like?” She demands. Her voice is husky and nearly breathless as her hand inches closer to my treasure.

After a few minutes of silence she growls, “When I ask a fucking question you answer it. Is That What You Like! ?”

“Yes!” I nearly shout as her other hand smacks hard against my pussy.

“Good girl,” she whispers her tongue gliding along my earlobe. Fuck it feels so good. Her hand stops at the top of my thigh gently caressing the smooth skin there. “Since you like to imagine things, Imagine this; you’re bent over the seat of the train, your feet flat on the ground, your ass up in the air, your back arched.”

“I slide my long middle finger slowly into your dripping cunt and I watch as the arch of your back deepens. I slowly and softly caress the inside of your tight snatch, the sound of your moans echo around the train. Before you can even relax against me, I begin ramming my finger inside of you, slipping a second one in, I curl my fingers and shove them against your g-spot. My hand speeding up as your moans get louder,”

“Your body is already shuddering and convulsing against me but I don’t stop. Instead, I grab some of your hair, yanking your head back, I move closer to your and begin to pound harder inside your sopping cunt. Your moans can’t even finish themselves fast enough; so you grunt in your small voice, with every thrust I make, I can feel every ripple and cranny inside your warm twat. I can feel your womanly nectar the tightness of it is overwhelming, but I continue to stretch it out because right now I own you,”

Before she can finish, the train suddenly lurches forward and all the lights are back on. My pussy is begging for the rest of the story, I want it…I need it.

“Last stop..” The intercom is dull and annoying. I feel disappointed.

“So…next time?” I ask nervously. My hand twitching, the need to touch her is unbelievable.

“Yeah. Next time.” She smirks before walking off of the train and into the mass of new yorkers.


She isn’t on the train today. Did I do something wrong? Am I that repulsive? Did I smell bad? I wore everything special for her today and she doesn’t show up!

I feel like crying.

The bell for my stop chimes, only a few people are on today, so it isn’t as crowded as usual in the last cart but there are still a thousand people on the walk. I can see them shoving each other to get on the escalator first.

I sigh and turn to pick up my stuff.

“Excuse me ma’am, but I’m going to have to ask you to stay on the train.” The voice behind me is husky and causes my bare pussy to moisten almost instantly.

“But I don’t want to.” I say defiantly (a tad bit pissed off) turning to face the woman who has embedded herself in all of my fantasy’s.

Ding Ding!!

The doors close and once again I’m left alone with this woman.

The train moves to the end of the line, everything shuts off for the night.

My pussy throbs with anticipation as she slowly advances towards me like a predator to its prey. I sink to the hard seat, looking up at her as she stops in front of me.

“Turn around. Lift your skirt up. And keep your fucking mouth shut,” she demands and I do as I’m told. “Mm no panties today Cassidy?”

“No,” I whimper.

The way she says me name causes my stomach to flutter with need. Suddenly I feel her finger run up and through my wet slit, I gasp at the suddenness of it, her rough yet soft hands handle me like a glass doll. I guess she was too excited to finish her story. “AHHHHH!!!!! FUCK!”

Her tongue was on my clit as she slid two fingers inside of me. Her tongue danced expertly around my little bud, touching the exact spot over and over again something no one has ever done.

“Ahh! Oh God ! Oh fuck! Yeah just like that! Fuck yes!!!” I moan uncontrollably, my mind lost in this new sensation. I’ve never been licked this good before.

“You like that slut? Fucking tell me you like it.” Her voice vibrates against my bud, causing me to erupt in a series of-

“Oh my God yes! yes! Fuck I love it!” Her long fingers are deep inside of me.

“Good girl,” she whispers sucking my clit into her mouth. The cold tip of her tongue ring is exhilarating.

All of the sudden, I’m on my ass, my back slapping against the dirty floor with her tongue now buried deep inside of me along side her fingers.

Stay tuned for Chapter 3. 🙂


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