Fuck Me

No red roses are required tonight

Or serenades accompanied by piano

I am a woman and I am ravenous

Desiring an orgasm to curl my toes

So let go of your inhibitions

Do not be afraid to really fuck me

My mind is blinded by lust

An orgasm just begging to be free

No pleasantries need be exchanged

Our lips lock into a mind numbing kiss

An unfurling of clothing soon follows

Your desire feeding on my eagerness

My hair wrapped around your hand

Pulling gently you guide me to my knees

Kneeling naked in front of you

I take hold of your stiffness and squeeze

Graze your nails softly along my skin

Paying attention to my every sound

My swollen lips wet in response to you

As I feel the wetness trickle down

I tease the bulbous head with my tongue

Taking your length firmly between my lips

I greedily begin to suck and lick your shaft

A pace guided by the rhythm of your hips

My tongue teases the soft tip of your head

Wanting to savour your golden precum

Massaging your balls in the palm of my hand

I am insatiable to this passion I succumb

In one movement you pull from my mouth

Freeing your coated hardness for me to see

At the sight of your cock I ache to be full

I whisper softly asking you to just fuck me

Knowing what you want I now lie on my back

You nudge my knees far apart with your thigh

I shudder as you take in the view as you please

Anticipation is my opiate and tonight I am high

I lift my feet to rest on your shoulders

My knees spread wide for your observation

The head of your cock presses my sex

With one thrust I welcome your penetration

Grabbing my shoulders to get leverage

Thrusting deeper as I stretch to take you

My back arches in reaction to the fullness

I can feel that twitching thing that you do

Your strength is hypnotizing as you take me

I release all of my pent up frustration

Each thrust finds you buried deeper inside

Keep this up and you’ll feel my eruption

I can feel your penetration in my entire body

Squirming I feel your strong grip stilling my arms

You use all your weight to keep my body still

Our sex a beautiful blend of frenzy and charm

I can see your eyes search for my satisfaction

Let my body answer with shudder and moans

A pool of wetness grows between my thighs

From deep inside I can here your carnal groan

Your urgent thrusts gain momentum now

Your biggest decision is yet to be made

Where to release long ropes of your cum

Your eyes let me know you can be swayed

I wrap my legs even tighter around your body

Every muscle in my body ripples alive with need

I let go giving in as my orgasm ravishes me

With my last spasm I beg to swallow your seed

You look in my eyes and pull out of my wet heat

I scramble still trembling getting on my knees in haste

One thrust and you bury your cock in my throat

Sucking your eruption not a drop of cum to waste

Tonight was a purely primal consummation

Addressing needs that we all get

Sometimes the ache refuses to be quiet

An ecstasy demanding to be met

Even being single I have needs I cannot control

Honestly I wouldn’t do celibacy even if I should

That’s the point of tonight’s primal encounter

Kicking the tires and checking under the hood

Don’t overanalyze this encounter.

Don’t worry about repercussions.

Don’t overthink it, just let it be sex.

Actually don’t think at all…….

Just fuck me.


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