Make Love To Me

I was so focused on forbidden fantasies
Daring adrenaline filled sexual escapades
Now I want a romance filled sexual reality
An undeniable ache to make love all night

The details ready and you will be home soon
So I nervously bask in the candlelight’s glow
Listening to the classics as they play on vinyl
Naked except lingerie in exquisite pink lace

The turn of your key in the lock seems to echo
My pulse racing with my building eagerness
Your presence now only magnifies the craving
I sense the air crackling as if with electricity

How many times have I sought gratification
Orgasms lacking real life long commitment
I was so oblivious to the stunning symphony
Two impassioned souls making love creates

Your eyes sparkle as you enter our bedroom
You know tonight will be something special
In a flash you’re out of your clothes and ready
I admire my lover and his glaring excitement

Trembling you delicately remove my lingerie
Your fingers and lips free to explore all of me
Making your own music with my naked body
With your every touch a new note escapes me

Passionately you pull me into such a deep kiss
Moving in unison our tongues begin to dance
A kiss can speak volumes even in it’s silence
Conveying what we are unable to with words

Next you kiss a trail down my exposed body
My back arches in carnal reaction to your lips
The drumming of my pulse hastens as I react
Goosebumps as kisses near my burning sex

Lavishing my inner thighs with feathery kisses
Your attention now on my glistening wet pussy
I inhale sharply as you suck on my swollen clit
Tawtly you hold it in between your pursed lips

My crescendo of extasy threatens to spill over
As the waves of unspoken needs wash over me

I moan as suddenly you release my swollen clit
You kiss me and get up leaving me quivering

As I try to compose myself I see you on display
Your male physique tantalizing as you lay in wait
It is time to orchestrate my part of this melody
A lick of your cock then I kiss my way to your lips

Filled with an aching desire unbeknownst to me
My legs straddling your body while we lock eyes
I slide my pussy slowly down onto your hardness
Stretching to accommodate the length and size

My rise and fall rhythm creates a unique melody
Of our love making I have become the conductor
Every muscle in me griping your erection so tight
Your cock throbs in response to being in me bare

As I ride your cock with increasing pace and depth
I lean in to kiss your lips as I gyrate my clit on you
Your hands find my ample breasts and squeeze
I lift my hard nipples to your lips to suck as I move

The outside world is irrelevant as we become one
This is a unique melody only we are able to hear
Our breathing interrupted only by wanton moans
Noises born so deep within our ravenous beings

You grab my shoulders as you thrust even deeper
My orgasm building with a mind numbing fervor
Suddenly my flowing juices coat your pulsing cock
You follow with release into the depth of my womb

Maintaining eye contact in this shared euphoria
Trembling remnants left from our love making
Embracing we are both still covered in the other
A beautiful ending we recognize as our beginning

Words are inept at describing the organic beauty
Created by two bodies poignantly making love
The world’s greatest poets have all tried and failed
To describe the magic together we just created


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