Did You Fuck Her?

“Did you fuck her?!”
you bastard!
while I was
at work
trying to make
ends meet
“Did you fuck her?!”
you bastard!
in my bed
on my
satin sheets!
tell me
the truth
you son
of a bitch!
“I didn’t!”
“You’re telling a lie!”
“Then why did you ask me?”
“Because I found some panties under
the covers and PRIVATE P doesn’t wear white”
“I can explain”
“You can explain?!”
“How the fuck can you do that?”
“Either you did or you didn’t
or you was all up in cut the
bullshit,that’s simply a fact”
“My co-workers boyfriend was abusing her
so I brought her here up to your loft”
“Then your hands got the urge to pull
down her pants then take her panties off?!”
“No,that’s not what happened,the woman was bloody as hell!”
“So you put your dick in her pussy
to see if her pussy would swell?!”
“I’m going to ask you again….did you fuck her?!”
“I find that hard to believe”
“Because those panties I found was full of
cum and that cum didn’t come from me”
“Pack your shit,and get the fuck out!”


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