Goddess Of Hell

I crawl to you
on hands & knees
with growls
& a need only you understand
take me to the darkness my love
I need to be sated

so long now
I’ve hung on the cross
virgin blood
trickling down my legs

fuck me in verses
only you can set
this demoness free
your eternal pet & slave

plunge your tongue deep
inside my aching hole
I feel you
I need you

my Darkest Mistress
bend me to your will
bring my inner demons to heel

chained to you in this life
& the next
I am utterly under your hex

lap at my cunt
taste my disease
I’ve feigned goodness
only you know the truth
I am insane

Sadistic Queen
let me taste your creamy cunt
that squirts black

Lucifer’s whore
let us fuck
in His honor

unholy hell you are sweet
blackberry juice
drips down my face
I am baptized
in your creamy glaze

ride me now
into the gates of hell
your true domain

we put Lilith to shame
as we grind cunt to cunt
orgasmic pleasure
as you take leather
to my ass

beat me my Queen
until I scream out your name
Goddess of all that is unholy
I am forever marked
your obedient love slave


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