Family Affair

I was 29 and dating this girl named camy who was 19. i am a good looking guy with a nice size thick cock at 7×5
She was a hot girl with an amazing body with the nicest set of tits i have ever played with and they were real.
she was tall at 5’10” and had a bald tight pussy and ass
she lived with her mom and dad still and her divorced sister lived there
as well. her mom (barb) wasnt bad looking for an older 45 year old woman with a nice body still and it was clear where camy
got her body from and her sister (mary) was built the same as camy but a little taller at probably6′ like their dad.
one day i am over at her house and no one was home and we were in the living room watching tv when one thing led to
another and we started fooling around. she sucked my cock for a solid half hour always looking up at me while she did
and it was all i could do not to blow my load but i held out. i ate her for about 20 minutes and she said fuck me now so i got
on the floor in front of couch and she laid back and we started fucking. we had been going at it for about 20 minutes when
her sister mary came home and i was starting to scatter about and camy said dont stop and keep fucking me. who was i
to stop after her pleading so i continued to fuck her and she was saying harder harder when her sister came in living room
mary saw what we were doing , smiled and walked upstairs and never came back down. we finished fucking and i asked
camy if she got off on her sister seeing us fuck and she was ready to fuck again. i said i have to go and maybe tomorrow
we can get caught again. nothing happened for a few days and we are in her living room again and she is blowing my dick
again and her mom comes home, i wait a second to see if she will stop but she keeps licking and sucking me and the
her mom barb walks in, says camy fuck why do you always have to be seen go to your room and do that. i am embarassed but
notice bar checking out my cock and smile at me. we go to her room and she jumps on me and fucks my lights out and is very
loud about it in the process. she really got off on being seen in the act. a few days later when i came over she was talking to her
mom and they were planning a trip to florida and was trying to figure out who they could get to drive them because their
dad had to work and couldnt go. i suggested i could take time off work and could drive and had a van with plenty of room.
so the trip was planned where i was to drive Camy, her sister mary, and mom barb to floriday in two weeks and stay at a
friends of barbs for a week of relaxing, sunning and beer. lots and lots of beer. about a week after making the plans me and
camy got in a huge fight over a guy and her i caught making out behind her house and we split up. i came by a couple days
later to get some stuff i left at her house and barb was home and said hey you are still going to drive us to florida aren’t you
and i said i dont think camy would be happy about that and her mom said she could stay home if she didn;t want to go. so
i said i would still drive to florida and her mom said it will be fun i promise and gave me a big hug and a nice kiss on the lips
i was floored but turned on to what may happen on this trip.
i pilled up on a saturday morning at the end of the week and they all started loadeing their bags in the van. camy never spoke
a word and you could tell she was not happy to be going with me involved but she wasnt going to miss florida either. so
once packed we started out to florida from ohio and hit the highway. about two hours on the road and they all needed to stop
and use the bathroom so i pulled into a rest area and they went about their business as i did too. i was first back to van and
then mary was next and asked if i would watch out for anyone coming so she could change out of her jeans into shorts and i
said sure. i turned my back to her and could tell she was changing by the movement of the van and she said ok thanks and
i turned around just as she was pulling her shorts up over her naked ass and she just winked at me and smiled. by then the
other two camy and barb were back and we hit the highway again. we had driven all day and finally arrived and after we met the
couple whose house we were staying at and lori and steve welcomed us, showed us the outside bar and the pool and said make
yourselves at home. i showered in the guest bedroom and put on some trunks and met everyone out by the pool. i was
suprised to say the least when i walk up and lori, barb and mary are all in skimpy thong bikinis. i didnt say anything and after
grabbing a beer got in the pool. after a few hours of relaxing in the pool and about 10 beers later i was starving and asked
where the best fast food joint were. lori said she ordered pizzas and they should be there anytime but if i couldnt wait i could
eat her. i must of had a funny look on my face because her husband was sitting right there and with everyone laughing he
said she does that to everyone. so i ate some pizza and drank a few more beers and steve and lori said enjoy they were
going to bed and i watched as steve followed her playing with her ass along the way. mary said she was going to bed also
and her and camy went inside leaving me in pool with barb floating around on a raft. a few minutes went by and i said i am
getting a beer and another slice of pizza when barb said would you like desert instead and when i looked she had her thong
pulled to the side and her bald pussy was there for anyone to see. she stated she needed a beer and why dont i bring her one
i took her a beer and handed it to her and looked over and her pussy was still naked and right there so i got bold and stated
i would love some desert and if she didnt mind this looks like a nice desert and i slid a finger along her bald pussy and she
moaned and put her hand on mine and said dont play with your food, just eat it. so i start licking her pussy and she just keeps
moaning and finally says she is going to cum and squirts lots and lots of liquid cum all over my face. i have made camy
squirt just the same but not in this quantity. i kept licking until she pulled me to her face and licked and kissed my whole
face trying to taste her own cum off of me and says my god i havnt squirted like that in a while. i said it was a good desert
and she says can i have some desert and pulled me to the steps of the pool and starts sucking and licking my cock just
like her daughter with her eyes always on mine. she bobbed for all she was worth trying to get me to cum, but i wanted
to fuck her so i pulled her to me and she climbed on top and sank all the way to my balls and moaned again very loud.
she said i was touching her in places her 5″ husband couldnt and she was squirting again. she squirted so much she had
to be dehydrated. after she was done cummimg she went back so sucking my cock and cleaning her squirt from me and
finally got me to blow in her mouth, showed it to me all swirling around her tongue and swallowed. grabbed me , kissed me
shoving her tongue in my mouth and said she had wanted to do that ever since she saw camy sucking me in her living room
we called it a night and she said she would have some more of that before the week was out and i said ok. the next morning
after breakfast everyone wanted to go to the beach and i said i was going to hang out by the pool and would catch up with
them later. so everyone left except mary and me. i was in the pool and drinking a beer and was watching mary in her thong
through my sunglasses and she kept looking my direction to see if i was looking but with the sunglasses on she couldnt
tell. finall she just walk right up and said i watched you with my mom last night and i about shit my self. i said what do you
mean and she said i saw you eat her on the raft, and her blow you cock and then ride you and then swallow you. i came
back outside last night to ask mom something and i watched you guys and masturbated to it while you did it and now i want
my turn. i said mary i dont know what to say and she covered my mouth with hers and we had a nice hot kiss that lasted
a few minutes and she said i have wanted you ever since i walked in on you and camy fucking and now i saw you and mom
and i want my turn and with that she started pulling my trunks off and started sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow
the only thing different was she didnt look at me like camy and barb but her sucking was deeper, wetter, and softer and i blew
my cum in her mouth and she said lets go inside. so we dried off and went inside and she got naked and said my turn, so
i started licking her and she imediatly started squirting in my mouth and was moaning and said i need you to fuck me now
so i rollerd her over and shoved my cock in her and started fucking her from behind. we had a real good rythem going
and i heard camy and her mom come in and started to stop and mary said dont you dare stop just keep fucking me
so i thought why not and kept slamming into her from behind and camy comes storming in and says i cant believe you mary
you know how i feel about him you slut and storms back out of the room and mary is saying dont stop fuck me harder
when barb walks over grabs me and starts kissing me and says camy will be alright she should have not cheated on you
and leaves just as i am cumming deep in marys pussy. after me and mary come down from fucking i said i cant believe
this is happening and mary leans over and says you are mine now if you’ll have me and starts rubbing me again and says
you have to get hard so you can fuck my ass while i am on my back and watch me squirt on your chest. something she says
she taught herself while masturbating. i said i am a little tired right now but i will have you and will definately fuck that ass later
she says ok and runs into the shower. i drifted off to sleep and when i woke up they were all out by the pool so i showered
and went out to party with the rest. i was greeted by mary and she yanks my trunks down in front of everyone including steve
i am standing there with my trunks around my ankles and mary says we are now boyfriend and girlfriend and that my cock
is hers and that i cant mess around with mary or camy unless she is asked first and only if she gets to watch. i said dont i
have any say and all three say no at same time and start laughing. mary stops laughing and says but lover i have been asked
by lori if she can have some of your cock and steve here wants to watch with us if your game, so i said who am i to argue
and was led over to lori by my cock and instructed to eat her pussy. i laid down and lori squatted over me face and i began to
eat her when i noticed someone was stroking and rubbing my cock except it was four hands not two


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