Anal Teacher

As I was surfing the internet looking in the web for sex in chat sites, I suddenly became engaged chatting with a beautiful girl from Cordoba, México, but… I happened to be familiar with that town! We continued like this and from there on we started to swing to Messenger in order to have a more stimulating chat. It came to my mind I never was lucky at this kind of contact, so I had to take it cool.
The problem here was hers introducing the subject first by saying she’d soon go to Jalapa, Mexico, and this would be a good chance to make friends as she herself put it. Some time later she had gotten my pictures in her cell phone as I posted them by internet, but she looked beautiful and apparently had a lovely, gorgeous body. To tell you the truth, I didn’t buy this story of hers travelling to hat city so soon, on the week end she had settled. Nonetheless, we kept on chatting all right while she got more horny and uninhibited, dirty, talking freely, by mentioning something about a certain fantasy she wished to start. This declaration made me too turned on. She talked about strange things, wickedness, which I properly wasn’t able to identify at all, or I thought this girl was a pervert. She kept on mentioning such things like “Golden Rain”, which I had never heard of. She also began to explain me, like the good teacher, all about this stuff. Well, we met on the day planned at last, and went right into a comfortable hotel around a well off neighbourhood, a luxurious one. “Los Lagos”, was the name for this small hotel which turned out to fit exactly for our love reunion.

Once in the room I immediately wished to jump her but she stopped me arguing she had the experience enough despite her age, a 19yo. Actually, this chick looked like a mature woman with cute small girl face.

“First thing first” -she said, “Kiss me, hug me and touch me!!”

So I did, slowly teasing her beautiful buttocks, her ass cheeks, and grazing her tits as well. Oh, my God! How luscious this was! She began to take off my clothes while teasing my hard rod through the pants fabrics at the same time. She finally got to her knees and began to lick my balls together with my dick while repeating dirty indecent words out of a cute little mouth like angel face. I was too turned on by this show, until she finally stood up so I could strip her off her clothes one piece after the other. She looked me in the eye saying:

“Fuck me, baby, fuck me now!”

Her personality seemed weird to me but I wasn’t paying any more attention to it as she stood there completely naked. Oh, my God, this is so beautiful, so great!!.

Her brown ebony skin was perfectly smooth, a sweet little face, tender, almost imploring, whispering in my ear:

“Get that hard rod within me now!!”

She laid on her back on the bed and spread her legs wide. I wasted no time in getting to work there, sucking her box. The cunt’s aroma, a wonderful scent, was too mouth-watering. I decided to shift to the asshole where I sucked there too, teasing it with my tongue.
I tried to ride her comfortably on top just to begin a push and penetrate this chick with my rod, but soon she’d get off the bed -got away- saying:

“Sorry, Mr, you didn’t get it right. We’re gonna do it my way. You just lay on your back, for I’m gonna do you an extraordinary blow job.”

She began by putting a condom on my dick and sat on top of me intending to poke my shaft herself within her little asshole, slowly. I saw as the shaft was soon disappearing out of sight, buried between her ass cheeks and the girl started to bounce at a faster rhythm.
Hell, I felt like in the glory fucking the most beautiful girl! I didn’t believe I was nailing the backdoor, too much of a fantasy!

She quit this position and was now in her four, bent over. I changed into a brand new condom and aimed my rod at the little pussy slit. She moved aside and said: “Oh, sorry, you’ve got it wrong, again! ”

I didn’t like this, because I had been too inspired since the beginning, in the hunt for her cunt, but she wanted me to take her little back asshole instead. Well, I judged this would be so much better if I wished to have a good time here at this hotel room, and she said:

“Please, harder, I want your dick into me now!”. I slapped -spanked- her round buttocks as she finished saying this.

“Oh, like this, oh, yesss, open it wider!”

She looked like the real hooker and I began to spread her ass cheeks apart as much as I could, and put the pedal to the metal. Finally, I hit her good clunk, as I slid it out with the head cock almost outside. Again, I plunged it deep into her until only my balls were outside. She had been begging for more into her asshole, so I performed well when the clutch came!
I finally warned this chick I was about to cum and took it out. I said:

“Sorry, I need to go to the bath room.”

She smiled and volunteered to go along with me, only to stand there under the shower head. Afterwards, she got on her knees, made me stand in front of her holding my hard shaft. She asked me to piss. Hell, no piss came out as I gave it a try!. The sight of her tits presented in front of me like this offered no other choice than to try again and begin to piss. She was still holding my shaft and governed the little piss towards her tits and little tummy. She then turned around to wash her back and piss leaked into her crack.

As I finished pissing, both scent and the scene of this brunette like this made me legs shake. She only smiled, but didn’t let go my dick either. She immediately started a crazy blow job, moved about my balls and alongside the rod, while sucking the head cock. That was too much for me and ended up with a big load shot in her tits, face and mouth… so delicious!

I must say I never fucked the pussy and I didn’t get to her little slit either, yet she kept on saying she still was “virgin”. I didn’t get it, more likely she would be kidding.

“You keep your virginity? I’ve just stroked your asshole like animal, you sucked a penis like a possessed and swallowed my cum? I don’t believe you!

She said:

“Yeah, that’s right. And I continue to be.

This had been a weird sex, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. I saw her once more in Jalapa, Mexico, and pretended we never met, or ignored her.

She’s now the most anal girl I’ve ever met!



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