Exploring With Diane

I’m so nervous about getting married. I have only had sex with my fiancé and have no other experience with men. Recently, we made love and I guess it was okay. I have no way of knowing if he was fabulous or if he really sucked in bed. I want to experience love with other’s before walking down the aisle with my fiancé.

My name is Diane. I’m twenty five years old. I know I’m very late to the game. I wanted to give myself to the man I married. But, my fiancé talked me into having it and I wanted to give myself to him. I thought it was really great, but I really have nothing to base it off of. He was very loving and very affectionate and he took his time with me. He has been with a lot of women in his lifetime. I think he really enjoyed being my first lover.

He recently asked me to marry him. I accepted his marriage proposal, but I’m just so confused. I’ve never had a boyfriend or even a girlfriend. I’ve been a virgin all of my life. We have now made love maybe ten times, but I just don’t know if he’s really the one for me. I love him and I want to be his wife, but I just want to make sure that I have sex with other’s before making this decision.

I know that must sound so slutty, but I just want to make sure that he’s everything sexually to me. To be married is a lifelong commitment. I love my fiancé but say he isn’t that great in bed. Say there are things that he doesn’t do. I mean it was everything I ever dreamed, but maybe there are things that he didn’t do that I would really like.

We agreed we wouldn’t get married for one year. I wanted to plan the perfect wedding. I also wanted to have sex with other’s before I made up my mind. I really want to start off exploring my sexuality with my stepfather. We’re not even related and I really thought that maybe he could help me with this. Maybe show me how to do things. I really am quite nervous to even ask him this kind of question. I trust him and I think it would be okay.

He’s coming over to my apartment for lunch today. I’m really wondering what he might think. I do know my mother and him don’t have a lot of sex. My mother recently went through her change and she’s always having hot flashes and she told me that sex is the last thing she has on her mind.

I just think of this as I’m renting my stepfather out. I’m sure she wouldn’t be happy, but maybe she’d be happy that he wasn’t bothering her for sex. I’ll just be very careful and hope she never finds out. I really don’t know how she would, I live on my own anyway.

I decided to wear something really pretty for my stepfather. I put on a sweater with a very low neckline which made my cleavage show. I wore a denim miniskirt with hose and flats. I have black long hair and blue eyes. I’m 5’7” and have a large chest. I guess I wear a 38D bra. I have long legs and recently I shaved my pussy. My fiancé said he likes me to be bare down there.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to convince my stepfather to have sex with me and show me the ropes. I’m just so desperate to learn about sex and everything there is to make the right decision about spending a lifetime with my fiancé.

I made tuna salad sandwiches, ice tea, macaroni salad and an apple pie for dessert. Those are all my stepfather’s favorite foods. My mother always said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Hopefully, this will be the way to my stepdad’s heart. I hope he’ll help me.

Knock, Knock

My stepfather was here. I ran to the door to get him.

“Hi, Larry. Come in. You look great.”

“Sweetie, you look wonderful. Look at you. Let me see the ring.”

I showed my stepfather my engagement ring. The thing was my fiancé gave me the most beautiful ring. It was two carats and princess cut. There were little diamonds on each side of the ring. The ring was gorgeous.”

“What a gorgeous ring. I’m so happy for you.”

“Thank you. Would you like a drink? I made sweet tea for you.”

“That would be wonderful. Thank you.”

I went into the kitchen and got the iced tea and brought it out to my stepfather.

“Here you go. I wanted to ask you something. I don’t want you to be embarrassed, but I need help with something.”

“What is it sweetie? You know you can ask me anything.”

“Well, recently Jack and I had sex. I held out until he asked me to marry him. I wanted to give myself to the one who wanted me to be theirs and only theirs. But, I realize now that I have nothing to check it against. Is he the best lover I ever had? I don’t know if he is. I’ve only had sex with him. I was hoping that maybe we could have sex together and you could show me how to do things.”

“Oh honey, that would be kind of weird. I’m your stepfather. I’ve taken care of you most of your life. It would be too weird if we had sex together.”

“But, I’m twenty five years old. You and mom don’t even have sex. That’s what she told me last week. Think of it as a project. You’d be helping me explore my sexuality. I mean I’ll do anything and everything you say to do. I’ll be your special girl.”

“I don’t know. Your mother wouldn’t be happy if I had sex with her daughter.”

“We won’t tell her. I promise not to say anything if you don’t.”

“I guess we could. I mean you’re not a little girl. You’re a young gorgeous woman. I could show you a thing or two. Come here baby, sit on my lap.”

I went over to my stepfather and sat on his lap. We shared a deep and passionate kiss. His tongue danced in my mouth. He had the softest lips and his tongue explored my mouth. He kissed me for a really long time.

“You kiss really nice, Larry.”

“Let’s go into your room. I want to show you things.”

I took my stepfather’s hand and we went into my room. He slowly undressed me. He took off my sweater and then unclasped my bra. My breasts were exposed to him. I have enormous breasts. I think his eyes popped out of his head when he saw them. I even saw him lick his lips. He then removed my skirt.

“Go onto the bed. I’ll help you off with your pantyhose.”

I went to the bed and my stepfather removed my shoes and pulled my pantyhose down my legs. I was left in my white lacy panties. My stepfather then opened my thighs and got into position. He sniffed at my panties.

“Oh baby, your pussy smells delicious. Are you wet for your stepdaddy? Are you excited that we’re going to be playing? Do you want me? Do you want me to taste your pussy?”

“Yes, I want you to have my pussy. I want to feel your tongue on my bare skin.”

My stepfather then licked my pussy over my panties and started to growl. He then pulled my panties down and held down my legs. He then licked my pussy lips and lightly chewed them. His tongue danced all over my pussy. I help onto the headboard on my bed and was grinding on his face. He pushed his tongue right up inside of me.

“Baby pretend I’m fucking you with a dick. Ride my tongue gorgeous.”

I started to press down on my stepfather’s tongue. He was so deep inside of me.

“Oh Larry, your tongue feels so amazing. Oh God! Fuck, I feel so aroused.”

“Show me how you play with your tits. You have amazing breasts. Lick them for me. Get me excited baby.”

I started to play with my huge breasts. I pulled at my nipples and even licked them a little. My stepfather then stood up and removed all his clothes. He had an enormous cock. He was rock hard and then got back in position to lick my cunt.

His tongue felt wonderful on my pussy. My fiancé only ever licked my pussy for five minutes and then he would fuck me right away. This was like heaven on earth. My stepfather licked my pussy until I had several orgasms.

“Oh sweetie, your cunt tastes fabulous. I want to lick that ass of yours. Get up on your hands and knees.”

I got up on my hands and knees and my stepfather spread my buttocks and licked my brown rose. He tongue fucked my asshole. It felt so incredible. My fiancé never did that before.

“Play with your pussy, while I lick your ass. Make yourself come, sweetie.”

I did as my stepfather said. I played with my pussy, while he licked my anus. His tongue felt so good on my asshole. He then pressed his fingers into my ass and fucked my anus.

“Oh God, that feels so good. My pussy is so wet. Oh fucking hell.”

“Have you ever had anal sex? Maybe, I’ll fuck your ass. Would you let your stepdaddy do that? Do you have any lubricant?”

“I have some KY Jelly in my drawer. You can get it. I’ll try anything once.”

My stepfather went to my draw and got the KY Jelly. He then smothered it all over my asshole. He also put some on his enormous cock. I was kind of scared as I never had anal sex before. But, in the next breath I was very excited. He put his cock at the entrance of my anus. He slowly pushed his cock into my tight rosebud.

“Oh God! That feels so good. It’s very tight. Honey, your ass feels amazing.”

My stepfather continued to slide his cock into my ass. Once he was in, he started to hold my hips and thrust into me. It didn’t hurt at all. It felt really good. I did notice when he was fucking me I would grunt. It didn’t feel as smooth as when my fiancé fucked my pussy. It felt a little rougher.

“Back up into my cock, get as much as my cock into your ass as you can.”

I backed up into his cock. He was pulling at my hips. His cock was deep inside of me. My hair and breasts swayed as he fucked me. It felt so good.

“Oh God. This is amazing. I love your cock. It’s much bigger then Jack’s. Oh God!”

“Play with your pussy. Fuck your cunt! Your stepdaddy is going to really fuck you harder now.”

I fingered my pussy, while my stepfather fucked my asshole.

“I’m coming! My pussy is coming.”

My stepfather fucked me hard up my asshole. It felt really good. I was screaming, moaning, and cursing as he took my anus. He was smacking my buttocks and calling me all kinds of names.

“You’re a little whore? You love that your stepdaddy is fucking you. You have wanted my dick since you were like eighteen. Tell your stepdaddy how much you wanted me. Even when you were a virgin, you wanted this cock.”

“I’ve wanted you to fuck me since I was eighteen. I’ve dreamed of you fucking me. Oh God. Fucking hell.”

With that my stepfather came inside of my asshole. His hot cream dripped out of my ass.

He then pulled out and held me tight. We rolled around on the bed.

“Oh princess, that was really hot. You’re mother has never let me have anal sex ever. So that was really special in more ways than you’ll ever know. Did you like that?”

“Oh yes, I really loved that. Jack has never fucked my ass before. I really had a huge orgasm. Thank you for having sex with me.”

“Honey, it was my pleasure. We’re not finished yet. I want you to suck my cock. Get on your knees and clean my come off. Do you know how to suck cock? Have you sucked Jack’s cock before?”

“I only did it a few times. He really just likes it for five minutes and then we have sex.”

“Get on your knees and wrap your lips around my cock and take it down your pretty throat. Hold my balls, while you suck at it. Enjoy yourself. Take down as much as you can. It’ll make me very excited.”

I got on my knees and wrapped my lips around my stepfather’s cock. I slowly brought his cock down my throat. He was more long then thick. I massaged and cupped his balls, while I sucked, slurped, and gagged on his huge cock.

My stepfather played with my breasts. I really think he was enjoying how big they were. He twisted and pulled at my nipples. It was making me so horny for him.

“Stroke my cock, while you suck my rod. Come on baby.”

I stroked his cock, while I brought more of his cock down my throat. He was pulling my now very erect nipples, while I was enjoying pleasuring him.

“You’re doing great. Keep sucking my cock. Oh fuck!”

I did as my stepfather said and kept taking more and more of his cock down my throat.

“Put your fingers in my anus. Your stepfather loves his prostate to get massaged. Just rub your fingers inside my ass.”

I did as he said and slipped my fingers into his ass. I rubbed my fingers inside of him. When I started to do that, my stepfather started to thrust his cock into my mouth.

“Stay with me baby. Keep sucking. Keep massaging my ass. I’m going to blow a load down your throat. Oh God! You suck cock so good. Fucking hell.”

I had one hand on my stepfather’s hips, while my fingers were deep inside his ass. I was sucking, slurping, and gagging on his enormous cock. He was face fucking me harder and faster. My cheeks were bulging, spit oozed from the corners of my mouth.

“Open your mouth wide. Oh Fuck!”

My stepfather blew a load down my throat. His hot cream tasted so good. There was a lot of come and I swallowed it quick. I was afraid I might throw it up. My fiancé never came in my mouth. This was all new to me. After I swallowed it, my stepfather was beaming. He was so delighted that I did it.

“Oh sweetie, that was so hot. Your mother never swallows my come. Come over here and kiss me. Let me taste myself on your tongue.”

I kissed my stepfather deep and passionately. While we kissed he was playing with my breasts. He was squeezing them together and playing with my nipples. My stepfather then slipped his fingers into my pussy and finger fucked me really hard. I was thrashing all over the bed. My pussy was really wet as he played with my cunt.

My fiancé only played with my pussy for a few minutes. He seemed to like to just have sex. He wasn’t really interested in oral sex or playing with my pussy. He would just get me wet and then would fuck me. I was enjoying my stepfather’s efforts. I was really excited, while he fingered me.

“Oh sweetie you’re so wet. Your stepfather wants to lick that cunt again. Spread your legs. Do you have a vibrator? Let me fuck your pussy.”

“I do have a vibrator. I’ve never used it though. It’s in my drawer. Jack bought it for me and said I should use it when he isn’t here.”

My stepfather went to my drawer and took it out.

“I’m glad he bought you this one. This is lots of fun and it’s very strong. We’ll play with it on low. I think you’ll like this.”

My fiancé bought me a Hitachi Magic Wand. I didn’t even know what it was. My stepfather plugged it in and then put it on my clit. The sensations were really strong and it felt really good. My stepfather then turned it up and I started to thrash around on my bed. The fucking thing felt really good.

“Oh God! That feels really good. Oh my God.”

My stepfather put an attachment on it and then slid it inside of my pussy. The damn thing sounded like a power tool. My stepfather fucked me hard with the toy. My pussy was so juicy and I started to have many orgasms. I couldn’t believe how good it felt.

My stepfather removed the attachment and kept it on my clitoris and then just lapped up my juices like a little dog. He was slurping and sucking at my juices. The vibrations on my clit felt amazing. I really never felt something so amazing in my life. I was really enjoying all this exploring with my stepfather.

“I’m not going to fuck your pussy today. The next time we play, I’ll fuck that sweet cunt. I think we had enough sexual fun today. Are you satisfied my sweet girl?”

“Yes, that was amazing. I’m seeing there is definitely more then what Jack is showing me. I’m thinking this exploration is going to really help me figure things out.”

“I’m glad to help in any way you want, precious.”

My stepfather and I got dressed and then went into the kitchen and had lunch. He seemed to enjoy the food that I prepared. He had several servings of the macaroni salad.

“Diane, this is a wonderful lunch. I love it. I’m so excited to start this little endeavor with you.”

“I think it will prove beneficial to us both. I like getting the practice and I love all the different techniques you’re showing me.”

We both giggled and I made coffee and put the apple pie into the oven to serve warm. I served the pie with vanilla ice cream.

“You made a wonderful lunch and this pie is divine.”

“Thank you for having sex with me. Thank you for teaching me stuff.”

“It was my pleasure. Hell, we can meet up once a week if you want.”

“That would be amazing. I’d like that very much.”

We ate the pie and then my stepfather left. I was thinking this was going to be a lot of fun. Even though I had a great time with my stepfather, I also wanted to get my fiancé’s family involved with teaching me about sex too.

I planned on calling my father-in-law to see if he would like to help. I have always been very attracted to him. I’m thinking he’d love to have sex with me and show me the ropes. I also wanted to see if his mother would be interested in having some fun too. His siblings are very attractive and I planned on seeing if they’d help too.

I figured it was better to have all this help in the family. This way it really wasn’t cheating or exploring with strangers. I was really excited to learn new techniques to enjoy sex better. Next time we meet, I’ll tell you what happened with my father-in-law.


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