The Little Bitch Boy Part 2

The next morning I was starting the coffee in pink panties.

As i wondered where my wife was the garage door opened in comes my wife and Brian honey please get Brian a cup of coffee I gave  him his coffee he slapped my ass.

My wife came into kitchen with just an open robe made her coffee her and Brian talked like I wasnt there. When they were done Cindi grabbed Brian and said I need a shower they ran upstairs into our bedroom,bathroom with our big shower I walked in with extra towels Cindi was on her knees water running over her body her nipples were hard as rocks she was sucking Brians cock but stopped to take it out her mouth and shake it at me saying this is a real cock and went back to sucking.

After an hr Cindi came down and handed me a shopping list andsaid that we were going to have a pool party all weekend.the typical party stuff beer wine jack soda snacks burgers dogsi got dressed to go when cindi told me I had to wear panties.when i got back my inlaws were already here.Several of Brians friends and the cple from across the street just arived .Everyone started drinking the guys were all surrounding Cindi and Lisa Brian walked up behind my wife wrapped one arm around her and dumped a bottle of Sam Adams lager over her head and said lets get this party started He ripped Cindis tshirt right off Brian dropped his pants and pushed my wife to her knees everyone cheered as my wife was going to town on Brians cock.

Lisa was soon on her knees with 2 cocks in her mother in law with a cock in pussy and her husband in her mouth there ended up being 12 guys that gave the ladies aa fucking of a life time.Late that night after cleaning up i jumped in the shower when i came out of shower Cindi called me into the bedroom she pulled the sheet up she was naked and patted the bed to join her I climbed in and we embraced she kissed me passionately

She thanked me and said I love you very much we fell asleep in each others arms .


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