The Little Bitch Boy Part 3

Well life has certainly changed for us Cindi and I talked about how the pressure was off of me to full fill her sex needs and actually we make love now! She has the freedom to fill her sex needs although things have calmed down since that crazy weekend.Cindi still sees Brian regularly I cant believe how happy we are in our marriage.Cindi is upstairs packing for a weekend with Brian in AC of course se is not taking a lot of cloths.She called me upstairs told me to get undressed she gave me a quick blow job and kissed me pushed my cum into my mouth.She was ready when brian arrived they had a quickee and left Cindi saying see you sunday Honey.One of the stranger thing about our new situation was i really enjoyed sucking her fathers cock and i had a feeling he might stop by.That afternoon her mom called and invited me for dinner i quickly said yes.Its been a while since I wore a bra panties asI slipped them on my small cock felt great.Not long after I arrived i was in my bra and pantied with my father in laws cock in my mouth his wife taking pics and vids she stripped and laid down on the bed her husband pulled out of my mouth and quickly mounted her I watched them fuck like 2 young kids after he shot his load in her she told me to clean her up this was the 1st with my mother inlaw iIeagerly wennt down on her as she had another orgasm.I recieved a txt from Cindi they arrived in AC it was a pic of her naked on a balcony with Brians cock in her mouth. After dinner I helped clean up aand left for home wondering what I was going to do a the rest of the weekend.Saturday morning i got up went out for coffee came home and starte the yard work when my fater in law pulled up we went inside of course he pulled his cock out told me i was a pretty good cocksucker as i dropped to my kneesand sucked his cock for a nice load of cum this time he pulled out and gave me my 1st facial i didnt know how to react he got dressed and said see you later.I finished the yard work thinking about Cindi and what Brian was doing to her.i fell asleep on the couch when i recieved a txt from Brian it was a pic of my wife in a Extrmely short exposing dress he said going to smll cock got hard as i thought about what Cindi would be doing.I stroked my cock until my cum covered my hand.Later that night I recieved a video from Brian of Cindi it was Cindi naked getting dp and a cock in her mouth wow i thought here we go again.before I went to bed I recieved another txt from Cindi saying see you tomorrow love you.Sunday morning arrived Brian dropped off Cindi with a kiss, Cindi gave me a hug and kiss I could still taste and smell the sex on her She asked me to make her a hot bath.Ashe was soakng she told me how Brian took her to a Bachelor party and she fucked and sucked 6 guys and had a great time my little cock was throbbing.


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