You’re Been A Naughty Girl

I arrive at your hotel room and knock on the door. As you open the door, my eyes almost pop out of my head with the sight before me.
You are dressed seductively in a sexy red lingerie set with matching high heels. The lingerie consists of a red see-through bra that perfectly supports your beautiful 12DD breasts, a crotch-less see-though thong, and a sheer half coat that covers your shoulders. I can see that your bare pussy has been freshly waxed and your perky nipples are visibly aroused.

You greet me affectionately and invite me in. Once the door is closed, you notice the bag in my hand and ask me what it is.

“You’ve been a naughty girl! And naughty girls must do what they are told and only speak when spoken to!” I say sternly.

You smile and say, “Ooo, this will be fun!”

Smack! You feel the sting of my hand on your nearly bare bum.

“Did you not understand what I said? And you will address me as ‘sir’. Do you understand?” The look on my face shows you that I am serious.

“Yes sir!” you reply smartly.

“Now stand there while I look at you,” I command.

I sit on the end of the bed and slowly look you over. I reach over and firmly pinch your nipples. You flinch. Smack! This time my hand lands on your other cheek.

“Did I say you can move?”

“No,” you reply softly.

Smack! “No what?”

“No Sir.”

“Good, now turn around.”

You do as you are told and turn around. I gently rub my hand over your reddening arse. My touch is soothing and you relax. Smack! “Bend over and touch your toes you naughty girl!”

You bend over giving me a close up view of your exposed womanhood. I lean in close to inspect it and can smell your arousal. I grab your pussy roughly and check how wet you are by sliding a finger into your pussy. “Have you been playing with yourself while you waited for me?”

“No sir.”

Smack! “Don’t lie to me naughty girl!”

“Yes sir.”

“Now take off your clothes!”

“Yes sir.”

You begin to remove our lingerie. “Slowly, dance a little like a strip tease!”

“Good,” I say once you are naked, “now undress me. Carefully place my clothes on the chair in the corner!”

You begin to undress me, starting with the buttons on my shirt. You place the shirt on the chair as instructed and start undoing my belt and pants. You slide them down to the floor and I step out of them. Pulling down my boxers, I see you look longingly as my seven inch cock. Your desire to touch it can be clearly be seen.

“Do you want to play with my cock naughty girl?”

“Yes sir.”

“You may, but be very gentle. If you do a good job you may get rewarded!”

You kneel down, gently cupping my shaved balls with your hands and begin to lick the head of my cock. It responds to your efforts and begins to grow to its full size. You look up at me as you start to swallow my cock, managing more than half of it in your mouth. You roll your tongue around my mushroom head and gently run your teeth across it as you move it in and out of your mouth.

“Very good naughty girl!” I say as I enjoy the sensations of your attention to my manhood.

After about five minutes, I can feel that I am close to cumming. “Stop! Here comes your reward, open your mouth!”

My cum shoots from my cock into your mouth and over your face and breasts.

“Do you like your reward?” I ask.

“Yes sir!” you say with a smile.

“You did a very good job! Clean yourself up but don’t waste a drop. Clean off my cock while you are at it.”

You wipe the cum off your face and breasts, licking your fingers as you go. You then gently suck the cum from the end of my softening cock.

“Swallow it all! Open your mouth and show me!” You open up to show me you have swallowed all my cum. “Good girl, I think you deserve what I brought with me!”

I go to my bag and pull out some neck ties. “Stand up.”

I use the first tie to blindfold you.

“Now lie on the bed on your stomach with your arms and legs wide apart.”

You feel me use the other ties to secure your arms and legs to the corners of the bed. You feel exposed, vulnerable and excited all at the same time while you wonder what is coming next.

You don’t have to wait long before you feel my hands begin to explore your body, starting with your legs working upwards. I slowly caress your inner thighs and teasingly brush against your wet pussy. I continue up your body and gently massage the cheeks of your bum with both hands, feeling the smoothness of your skin.

Smack! The unexpected pain causes you to quietly cry out. I grab your hair and whisper in your ear, “Do you want me to kiss it better?”

“Yes sir,” you reply quietly. My lips gently kiss the check I had smacked only moments before.

Smack! This time the other check.

“Do you want me to kiss this one better too?” I whisper again.

“Yes please sir”

Again you feel my lips kissing your tender arse check. My kisses begin to work their way up your body. I begin to softly nibble on your neck and ear while my fingers tenderly explore your pussy and inner thighs. You lift your hips slightly to give me access to your clit.

I whisper in your ear, “Do you want me to play with your clit?”

“Yes,” you moan softly.

“Ask me then, beg me to play with you.”

“Please play with my clit. I beg you, play with me!” I can hear the desperation in your voice.

“Ok, since you asked nicely.”

You feel my finger gently working your clit, rubbing between your lips and occasionally pushing inside you. Your juices are starting to flow and you can feel the intensity of your orgasm starting to build. Smack! Smack!

“Not just yet!” I whisper in your ear.

You feel me moving off the bed. You hear movement in the room but you are still blindfolded and can’t see what I have doing. You feel me return to the bed and you again wonder what could be next.

A stab of cold shoots up your spines as you feel what could only be ice being gently rubbed over your reddened arse check. I continue to work the melting ice over your sore bum cheeks as the skin starts to go numb. You feel the cold water slowly running down between your checks when you realise that one of my fingers is now working its way around your little brown eye probing the opening for a way inside.

“Do you want me to put my finger in your arse?” I whisper in your ear.

You answer, “Yes!” as you feel my finger gently start to work it way inside.

The intensity of this feeling is one you have not experienced in years and is heightened by the blind fold and restraints. You feel my finger slowly working its way in and out. A pair of fingers enters your pussy at the same time and they all begin to work your pleasure zones. You feel your orgasm starting to build again when suddenly I stop and remove my fingers again.

“Not just yet,” I whisper again move off the bed.

The restraints on your arms and legs are released. “Let’s stand you up for a minute to get your circulation going again but don’t touch the blindfold!”

I help you to your feet, encouraging you to move around a bit.

“Now I want you to lie back down again this time on your back.” I help you back down on the bed, spread your arms and legs wide and restrain you once again.

You feel me sit back down beside you and then lean towards you. As my lips touch yours, you passionately return my kiss. Our tongues meet and playfully move around our mouths. My hands are playfully caressing your hair, ears and neck. You want to reach out to touch me back but the restraints leave you powerless. My kisses start to move down to your neck, and once again I am nibbling my way around your neck from one ear to the other. I work my way down your body to your breasts, kissing all around them before settling my lips on your nipples.

Using my tongue and teeth, you feel me gently teasing your nipples, alternating between flicking them with my tongue and sucking on them. Changing breasts, I repeat the same technique. Your nipples grow more sensitive from my attention and once again you feel your arousal is building up.

I continue my kisses down your body until you feel my lips starting play across your bare pussy. You feel my tongue start to work across your clit, going around and around it. The sensation is starting to drive you crazy. As my tongue works it magic, once more your orgasm is growing. You feel my fingers begin to explore inside your pussy, finding your G spot, while my tongue continues to work your clit. You moan in pleasure as your orgasm approaches.

I stop and the whisper in your ear, “Did you want me to stop?”

“No!” you answer in frustration. “Please!”

“Sorry. Not yet”.

You feel me moving around on the bed and then positioning myself between your spread legs. You wonder what I am going to do next until you feel the soft flesh of my circumcised cock moving slowly between the lips of your pussy. I softly rub my cock around your clit and then working it up and down your slit. I finally push the mushroom head inside your tight pussy, then quickly pull it out again and continue to work it around the outside of your pussy and back over your clit.

Once again, I push the head of my cock just inside you. This time, you thrust your hips forward, desperately trying force my manhood deeper inside you. I quickly withdraw again and continue to tease you. As my cock enters just inside your wet pussy for a third time, I see the frustration on your face.

“Do you want something?” I ask quietly.

“Yes, give it to me!” you demand.

“Are you sure?” I teasingly reply.

“YES! Will you just stop teasing and fuck me now!”

“Well, if you’re sure,” and you feel my cock thrust deep inside you.

The thickness of it fills your pussy and the orgasm that has been alluding for so long rushes to the surface. As I continue to pound your tight wet pussy with long deep thrusts, a second and third wave of ecstasy consumes you and I can feel the muscles in your pussy squeezing my cock with each one.

The intensity of the orgasms is overwhelming your senses but you are powerless to do anything. You feel my cock thrust once more deep inside you before it shots its load of cum deep inside. I collapse on top of you, both of us spent from the intensity of the moment.

I lift your blindfold and look deeply into your eyes.

“That was amazing,” you say.

“Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“I’ve never experienced anything like it! Thank you!” The smile on your face says it all.

“You’re very welcome,” I say smiling back.

“Are you going to untie me?” you ask.

“I’m not sure yet, after all you have been a naughty girl,” I reply with a cheeky smile.


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