BBC For Teacher Part 2

I tossed and turned all night in bed, my nipples sensitive, and my pussy swollen. What in the world was I thinking? Here I was, a respected school teacher charged with the care and safety of children, and I had ended up naked, bent over my desk in my classroom, practically begging a parent to fuck me with his monster chocolate cock! But instead of giving it to me, he left me, leaving directions to be waiting for him the next evening. And I was actually considering it.

I considered it when I got dressed this morning, picking out a purple Demi bra that barely held my large breasts in place. I considered it as I skipped the matching thong up over my fleshy thighs, tugging it tightly against my pussy as Jamie had done the previous evening. I considered it as I remembered Jamie’s words to not play with myself and give myself the release I so needed, and then again all day every time I looked at my desk.

Here I was, at the assigned time, bent over my desk wearing nothing but a bra and panties, panting with desire. I was waiting for Jamie, the tall, black, handsome parent of my student to arrive. I was hoping that he would give me what I wanted, his beautiful cock fucking me long and hard.

I could feel the tingling of anticipation in my clit as I tried to wiggle my ass, letting the thong rub up against me. All of the sudden I heard him.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, Teach. Are you being naughty? I told you not to play with yourself, and here you are. I also told you to be waiting just like you were last night. That meant naked. Although, I certainly am enjoying the view of that purple thong pulled up into your pale ass cheeks.” Jamie walked around the desk, and I followed him with my eyes, a smile on my face. I could tell his cock was already hard, as it made a tent in the front of the dress pants that he was wearing. I could already smell the scent of him. “A bad little teacher, aren’t you? You need a spanking.” Jamie walked behind me and slapped my left ass cheek. I whimpered with pleasure. He leaned over and kissed me there, and then slapped again.

“I’m sorry,” I said, looking over my shoulder. “Oh, You forgot to close the door.”

“Teach, I think part of your punishment is leaving that door open. Maybe someone will walk by, they may have forgotten something. Or maybe the janitor might swing down the hallway pushing his broom. Won’t that be a site for them, the little white teacher bent over the desk crying out for some hard black dick.” I turned red, thinking of what could happen. Jamie began running his fingers down my back, to my ass, and grabbed my thong. He gave it a couple of quick tugs and I forgot all about the open door.

“Mmmmm… please…” I moaned.

“You like that do you?” Jamie whispered in my ear. He continued to tug on the thong with one hand, and reached around to free my boobs with the other. His lips descended on mine and he kissed me hard, shoving his tongue into my mouth. I could feel his hard cock poking into my leg, and tried to arch myself back to meet it. “Uh uh, teach. You be a good girl.” He let go of the thong, and slapped my ass again. I could feel the juices rush to my pussy.

Jamie told me to turn around, and he slid by brastaps down my shoulders, my heavy breasts fell from their support, and Jamie unhooked the bra. Jamie then leaned over and nipped the end of one nipple, and then the other. I pushed my chest toward him, and he quickly slapped both nipples. “I’m the boss here, Teach. Remember?” I nodded my head. “Good girl.”

Jamie then slid my thong down over my bubble butt, and grabbed both butt cheeks, spreading then apart. “Such a nice juicy ass. Can’t wait to see it jiggle as I pump my cock into your tight little hole. Is it wet for me, Teach?” Jamie asked as he ran his finger down my stomach, stopping just before he got to my pussy.

“Yes.” I said.

“Why?” Jamie asked. “Tell me why it’s wet?”

“Mmm,” I moaned, “its because of you.” Jamie took his hands and pinched both nipples hard. “I kept thinking of your cock in my mouth, how good it felt, and your tongue in my pussy. I want more. I keep thinking of how good you’re going to feel inside me.” Jamie’s fingers travelled back down to my pussy, and he slid two fingers inside my wet hole.

“Holy shit, Teach! You are sipping wet! And so tight. I’m gonna make you beg for this cock every day.” With that, Jamie unbuttoned his pants and let them drop to the floor. He pulled his shirt over his head, all the while I was eyeing his monster cock. I could see the drop of precum on the end, and licked my lips. Jamie stepped closer to me, running his hands over my body, and then quickly turned me around. He bent me back over the desk, and spread my ass cheeks with his hands.

With a groan of pleasure, Jamie swirled his cockhead around the opening of my cunt, getting it wet with my juices. He then slammed it home. I cried out, an immediate orgasm taking over my body. Jamie didn’t stop, and kept slamming his hard cock into me over and over again. He was hitting me so hard that the desk was sliding forward. Another orgasm hit me.

“Fuck, Teach!” Jamie cried out. He grabbed my hair and pulled my hard back, kissing me harshly. “You’re gonna make me cum. Are you on the pill?”

Until this point I didn’t even think about the fact that he was riding me bareback. I tried to pull away but he held me tight. “No, and I can’t get pregnant!” I cried.

“You’re gonna get all this seed, Teach. I’m gonna let loose inside you, and flood your pussy.” Jamie kept slamming into me hard. I could feel the moment he was ready to blow, because he clenched, grabbed my hair again, and cried out in ecstasy.

“Oh my fuck!” He yelled, leaning down over top of me, his cock still deep inside. Jamie rested his head on my shoulder. After a moments rest, Jamie began kissing me on the shoulders, and backed away. He turned me around, kissed me down the front, licking at sweat, until he got to my pussy. It was sore and sensitive from his cock, and he licked me from my ass to clit. He then stood up and kissed me, letting me taste my juices and his cum.

“You’re one hot piece of ass, teach. I can’t wait to have more of it.” He caressed my back, and kissed me again, then leaned in to whisper. “I think I saw the janitor watching.”

Jamie got dressed, and handed me my shirt. He found my thong, gave it a sniff, and stuffed it into his pocket. “Tomorrow night, teach. Your house. Text me the address”

With that, he blew me a kiss and walked out.


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