She Is Always With Me

I can feel her in my thoughts daily and she visits my dreams nightly.
And every morning the taste of her is upon my lips. The air around me has the scent of her naked body.
And every time the wind blows I can feel her hair lightly tickle my face.
She is always with me she never leaves me I can feel her nails running through my skin just as she did then. She is always with me guiding my hand as I find another to lay in our bed. The scent of her vanilla hair fills the air as my hand touches the skin of this maiden that lays here with me. Her pastey white skin and dark red hair. she watches as I rub her clit as she begins to get wetter than she was before. Her fingers I feel wrap around my hard rod. As our lips meet and the desire for each other boils hot. The scent of vanilla is ever so strong as I penetrate her and take hold of her breasts. Then I drive it deep as she screams out. Her wetness her tightness and the sounds that she makes, in rage her and anger her and she causes me not to hear a thing I can see her mouth moving and my body starts to lose feeling. But this time she’s to late as I start cumming. The scent of vanilla starts to die down and my hearing returns and I regain feeling in my body just in time to feel this red head cum.
She is always with me, she never leaves me.


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