Straight to BI Part 2

A Few Months Went By And I Was Camming regularly, either solo or with Dave nearly every day.
I had a few dates with girls in the meantime, but they hadn’t gone anywhere. I still felt straight, but I was fully immersed in my non-straight sexual exploration.

I came home from work one afternoon and the house was quiet. I remembered that nearly all of my roomies were away for some reason or another. Only Pete would have been there, but he wasn’t in the living room or kitchen.

I made my way upstairs to my room.

As I went past Pete’s door, I heard the strangest thing.

It sounded like my own voice. I stopped by the door and listened.

It was definitely me. From one of my cam sessions. I could hear myself teasing whoever was watching me. Offering my cock to be sucked and my ass to be fucked.

Jeez, was Pete one of the disembodied viewers I had been showing off to all this time and had he recorded me? I knew my face was never visible, except when I was with Dave, but had Pete recognized my voice?

I tiptoed to my room, worrying about what he knew.

As soon as I opened my door I guessed he knew everything. My laptop was missing.

I remembered, after all this time, about the default setting to record my sessions. Damn, Pete was looking at my computer and my saved cam-session clips.

I was so mad about the intrusion that I marched right over to Pete’s room and burst in on him.

He was sitting in front of my laptop, His jeans and underwear were around his ankles and he was jerking off. Jerking off to a video of me. He was startled. His hand flew off his erect cock and he turned away from me while desperately trying to close the window on the screen.

“What the FUCK, Pete?” I yelled at him.

“Oh god I’m so sorry. My computer boot-drive died and I needed to do some work emails. I borrowed yours. I thought you wouldn’t mind.”

Pete scrambled to pull up his jeans and cover himself up.

I walked over and folded the lid of the laptop, silencing my voice as it begged for a cock to suck.

“I wouldn’t have minded if you’d just done that.” I told him.

And then a thought struck me.

“Hey, you took your computer for repair last month. I remember you mentioning it.”

“Yeah. Uh… that’s when I borrowed yours. I found some stuff. By accident.”

“Well I guess my secret is out.”

“No. I haven’t told anyone. I’ve just watched the videos.”

“How many?”

“Uhh… all of them.”

“How many times have you snuck my laptop out of my room?”

“I don’t know. Maybe… ten?” He looked up at me, sheepishly.

I was mad about the invasion of privacy and embarrassed by him knowing about my camming, but Pete was clearly embarrassed about what he’d done, too.

He was a nice guy, and I liked him. I couldn’t stay angry.

“Well… fuck.” I said. Capitulating to the circumstances.

I told him I was going back to my room and to bring my laptop back when he was decent.

Pete’s knocked on my door a few minutes later, carrying my computer.

“I won’t tell, Robbie. You’re a nice lad. I’m sorry I found out. And sorry I’ve been watching you.”

“It didn’t look like you were sorry when I came in there.”

“Well, no. You make hot videos.”

“I didn’t know you liked guys.”

“I don’t. I don’t. I didn’t. I don’t know.”

He was curious, I guess. Like a lot of men. Like me.

Pete sat in my chair and I sat on my bed and we talked about it for a while.

He said he found the video folder by accident and just looked at one, being nosy. He was surprised to see me, but it was exciting for him.

He admitted that he’d looked at gay porn before and some of it turned him on.

I asked what he liked and he said he liked the gentle fucking videos most of all. And ones where it was an older guy with a younger one.

“I like those too.”

“And I really like the recordings of you, Robbie. I like when you say those encouraging words. Asking if the viewer likes what they see.”

“I guessed that when I saw your hard cock.”

“I never did anything with another guy…”

“Neither did I. Not in real life. Since I started camming I’ve begun to want to, though.”

“And you’ve made me want to.”

“Be with a guy?”

“Be with you. Just you. You’re so sexy. I’ve wanted to go to bed with you for a month.”

“Do you know what you want to do with me?”

“Not entirely. Something though. Something with a guy.”

“I sometimes like to feel like a girl, Pete.”

“I know. I’d like to make you feel that way.”

I mentally forgave Pete for the privacy violation. Once I let go of that, I could see the situation. Pete is a handsome, mature man. The brief glimpse I had of his equipment had been enough for me to know I wanted to see it again.

There’s a first time for everything, I supposed. Push had come to shove. This opportunity was not one to spurn.

I told him to give me half an hour, then come back.

I jumped in the shower. Shaved myself all over the places that counted.

After I dried off, I picked out the panties I thought made me look the sexiest, then dressed myself up in those along with my skirt and bra and a silky slip that had just been delivered. Pete wouldn’t have seen it yet.

My cock was hard. I was thinking about what we were going to do.

I was probably going to get fucked for the first time. I was definitely going to handle Pete’s cock and almost certainly suck him off. I knew I wanted it.

I was ready soon enough that I had time to think.

This was going to be the first time I was with a man. I didn’t know how far we would go, but it was a first-time experience. The kind that I loved to watch. I decided that I had to have a record of it. For me, and maybe to publish on one of those porn sites.

The more I thought about it, the more I definitely wanted to record what happened, but Pete might not want to. I felt guilty about what I did next, but I set up my cam such that it was concealed but would have a decent view of the room. Pete wouldn’t know it was on.

I was starting to worry that Pete had had second thoughts when he knocked and entered. He was in a t-shirt and loose-fitting sweat-pants. Once glance told me that he was sporting a chubby and that it wasn’t constrained by underwear.

I stood and walked over to him. Neither of us had shoes on. I was probably half a foot shorter than Pete and the difference added to the sense of being feminine. That and the clothes. And my underlying desire to have his cock in me.

He took me in his arms and looked down at me.

“Can we start slow?”

“Whatever you want, Pete.”

He leaned down and put his lips on mine.

I hadn’t expected that. All my cam sessions centered around just getting off. I stroked myself and showed my ass and offered my mouth for cock, but I hadn’t once considered kissing another man.

And now this man, in real life, was holding me in his arms and kissing me. A second after he started, my surprise abated and I started to enjoy it. I was being held in the strong arms of another man while he kissed me deeply. His tongue was in my mouth. Really, genuinely enjoying it. He made me feel submissive, and I liked it.

My hand went to his head and I ran my fingers through his hair. His hand went down the small of my back and came to rest on my ass. He squeezed me there, and I felt him pulling me tighter to him. My cock was trapped inside my manties, pointing to my left hip. I felt Pete’s erection straight up and reached down to adjust myself.

I got my cock pointing up and was ready to just rub against Pete for a while, but my hand was there and his cock was there and his mouth was on mine and I was hot for him and it just seemed like the right thing to do…

I undid the drawstring on his pants and reached inside.

We both groaned, simultaneously. He, for my touch, my grip on his hot cock; me for his cock in my fist. I was gripping a man’s hard cock while he held me in his arms.

My lips left his and I looked up into his eyes. My fingers were curled around the girth of his penis.

“Do you want me to stroke it?”

“I don’t know. This is so weird. You’re a guy. I know you’re a guy. I never did this. I’m a married man.”

“I never did this either.”

“But all those videos…”

“I was just doing things that felt nice and I like being watched. And I like teasing the men who watch. But I never touched a man’s cock for real before.”

“How does it feel?”

I gripped it tighter and stroked him up and down a little.

“I fucking love it. The weight of your cock on my palm.”

“Your hand feels good.”

“Should we get naked?”

“Can I be naked and you stay dressed like that?”

“OK. Does me being dressed like a girl help?”

“Maybe with my guilty conscience, but I’ve watched all your videos, Robbie. I’ve seen you dressed up and I’ve seen you nude and you turn me on either way.”

“I’m very excited, too, Pete.”

He reached between us and I felt him rubbing my hard cock through the skirt and panties.

“Would you give me a show, like you do on-line?”

I was reluctant. It might be embarrassing.

“Are you sure?”

“I’d really like it. Your teasing is what gets me over the idea of sex with a guy. When you move your body and ask those teasing questions, it just makes me want you so much.”

I wanted him to want me. I was too close to fulfilling my fantasy to refuse.

“OK. You sit on that chair and I’ll stand in front of you.”

I watched as Pete stripped out of his shirt and sweats. He has a great body for an older man. Firm.

He sat and spread his legs. His dick stood erect.

“You can stroke yourself while you watch, Pete. That’s what you’ve been doing, isn’t it?”

He admitted that he had been masturbating as he watched me for two weeks. He had looked at my videos over and over before that. He had immediately been fascinated and obsessed by the idea of his housemate being a slutty femboy, but it took him a while to overcome his inhibitions and to accept that he was attracted to me.

“I’m glad your libido won out, Pete. I like you and want you to be my first man.”

I started to move in front of him, rubbing myself seductively. Lifting my skirt, asking if he liked what he saw.

Showing him my panty-clad cock and ass. Bending over. Peeling down my panties. Spreading my cheeks. Fingering myself. Touching my torso and playing with my nipples under my bra. Telling him how excited he made me. Offering him my cock. Offering my mouth. My ass.

Pete unashamedly stroked his cock while he watched and answered my dirty talk with dirty talk of his own.

We were both working ourselves up to the point of no return. I was desperate for sex with a man now. His shame and guilt were not going to stop him from following through.

I moved closer as I gyrated in front of him.

Again I asked, “Do you want me to suck your cock?”

I didn’t wait for an answer. I dropped to my knees between his powerful thighs and grasped his cock. Leaned my head down and took him into my mouth.

Pete groaned in pleasure and I groaned from the relief that I was finally doing it. Sucking a cock after all the anticipation and fantasy.

It was bliss. I loved how it felt. I sucked and licked and stroked up and down. Felt his hand on my head, caressing me. A loving touch. I wanted to suck him to completion, but he stopped me after only a minute.

“You’ll make me cum.”

“I want to.”

“I want you to, but not yet. Can I suck you?”

I was dreaming.

“Yes! Yes please!”

“Do you want to be naked now, too?”

Now he was past the femboi-crossdresser attraction. Now he was attracted to me as a guy. Another inhibition dropped away.

I stood and took my panties completely off. My cock made a tent in the skirt.

I undid the button and zipper of my skirt and tugged it down. My hard dick sprang up as the waist-band cleared the end. Pete reached up and closed his hand around my cock. I move forward so that I stood over him with my legs either side of his. I pulled first the t-shirt, and then the bra up over my head. I had forgotten the white knee socks but by then it didn’t matter. Pete pulled my foreskin back over the gleaming head of my erect cock. It was covered in pre-cum. I move my hips forward so that my cock touched his lips. His tongue came out and I felt him licking the head. Then he pulled me slightly and I looked down and watched as my cock went into his mouth.

Pete gripped me by the ass and pulled me deeper between his wet lips. Sucking me. Kneading my ass. Sucking and kneading.

My legs were weak. I wasn’t sure if I could stand there for long. I held his head and moved my hips gently. My cock went in and out of his mouth.

“Do you like my cock, Pete?”

“Does it taste nice?”

“Do you like how my ass feels in your hands?”

“I like having my cock in your mouth.”

“I like your hands on my ass.”

He moved his finger between my cheeks and found the little rosebud.

“Mmmm Pete, yes, touch me there.”

He pressed, and I yielded. But I wasn’t lubricated.

“Ooooh! I’m tight.”

I had to pull away. My cock slipped back out of Pete’s warm, wet mouth.

“Do you want to fuck me, Pete?”

“I want to make love to you, sweet Robbie.”

“I want that, too.”

I went and fetched my lube. Dripped some on my fingers and down onto my ass. Then I made a show of putting lube up my ass. Next I put a little onto Pete’s finger and offered my ass for him to finish the job.

“Sexy boy. I love your ass.” Pete murmured as he inserted his finger up my hole.

“Feels so good, Pete. Making me ready for your cock!”

I pulled away from him and turned.

Once again I stood with my legs on either side of his. My cock was pointing straight at him but he was staring into my eyes.

“I want your cock, Pete,” I said, and started lowering myself onto him.

Like I had done many times with my butt-plug. Pete was a lot bigger, but I was ready for him. Ready for cock. Real cock. I just kept lowering myself. Pete held the base of his cock steady. I felt the blunt head at my opening.

“Oooh it’s right there!”

Lowered myself onto him. Felt him penetrate me. He groaned. I fought to relax. Found the way. Lowered myself.

His cock head was completely in my ass by then. The widest point was inside me, except where his lovely cock flared outwards and became a little thicker near his body.

I kept bending my legs. Pete’s hands were on my waist. He was still looking up into my eyes.

“Robbie you feel so good.”

“I like it too, Pete. Your cock is wonderful.”

Finally, my butt cheeks were in contact with the top of Pete’s thighs.

I rocked myself on his cock. Grinding it deeper into my ass. Pete pulled my face down onto his and kissed me madly.

He whispered sweet endearments in my ear and lifted his hips to drive his cock into me. My arms were around Pete’s neck and he moved his hands to cup my buttocks.

I was still impaled on his cock when he stood. Holding on tight, he carried me to my bed and laid me gently down with my legs wide apart. He laid between them. His cock inside me all the while.

Now Pete could control the action and he made gentle love to me. Fucking and touching and kissing and nibbling until he couldn’t hold back any longer. I felt his tempo change and knew he was about to cum.

I held tight to him and he felt my hot breath on his ear as I whispered

“Cum in my ass. I want it. I know we are both men, but use me like a girl.”

Pete thrust one more time and then drove had cock as hard into me as he could. I reached down and felt his buttocks clench and he shot his cum into me.

“Yes, Pete. Yes. That’s what I want.”

“Sweet boy. Sweet sexy ass. Cumming in your ass.”

I came then, too. No-hands, but rubbed between two bellies. Mine, young and smooth, his, older and hairy. I felt it spurting out. It made me clamp my ass onto Pete’s cock as he pumped the last of his cum into me.

God it was good. So intense. I’d never cum like that before. A butt-plug was a distant second place to real cock with a nice man.

When it was all over, we lay together on my bed. Facing each other. His hand stroked me from my shoulder to my hip.

“That was wonderful, Robbie. You were wonderful.”

“I loved it, Pete. You were the best. A kind and considerate lover.”

“I should feel guilty, but I don’t.”

“Neither do I. It felt right.”

As right as it felt, we decided that it should be our secret. So Pete had to get up and head to his room before our housemates got home.

We were all together round the kitchen table that evening for dinner. Pete and I shared a conspiratorial smile or two, but nobody had reason to suspect our truth.

I quit doing cam sessions. I didn’t feel the need.

Now whenever the house is empty Pete comes to my room and makes love to me. He took an extension to his contract, which means he will be living here for another year.

He goes home and visits his wife sometimes. He rationalizes us two having sex as not cheating, because there is no other woman involved. I hope he doesn’t stop out of guilt.

At least his guilt about fucking a man is gone. I no longer need to tease him to overcome his inhibitions.

He loves my ass and my cock and my mouth and the rest of my smooth, slim, sexy body and I love giving it all to him.


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