The Dream

I come walking over to you

without saying a word

take your hands slowly in mine

entwining our fingers

I kiss the palms of your hands

lick slowly each finger



I gently pull you to your feet

and kiss your collarbone as you rise

pressing myself against you as you

bend your head to kiss my lips

I pull you along with me into the shower

as we enter the bathroom I reach for your belt buckle

undo this so I can slide my hands in your waist line

your stomach curves inward with the chill of my

cold hands on your warm flesh

I slide my hands from your waist slowly

up and across your chest

feel your nipples grow taut at the tease of my touch

I slide your shirt up over your head

Taking one of your nipples into my mouth

flicking it with my tongue

pinching it with my teeth

suckling it gently with my mouth

I slide my fingernails down your sides

feeling the chicken skin my touch creates

undoing the snap of your jeans and sliding them down your hips

locking my fingers in the waistband of your shorts

and removing them at the same time

My mouth trailing your stomach and I bend lower

to remove your pants and I reach my knees my mouth

brushes the top of your hard cock lips lightly grazing the

head tongue gracefully sliding down the shaft to where

My mouth is able to suck your balls gently into my mouth

as my hands creep slowly down your legs I raise your right

foot then your left removing socks jeans and underwear

dragging my nails back up your calves grabbing your things

To hold tighter to I let the whole of your cock fill my wanting

mouth slowly slowly moving it in and out my mouth loving

the taste of your precum in my mouth I slid up lick the top

of the head sliding my tongue in the little hole leaving not

A drop I lean back and turn on the water for the shower

as the room start to fill with steam, I begin to remove

my clothes sliding my pants down allowing you to see my

long legs stretching high above to remove my shirt

Standing in front of you now in only my bra I come forward

sliding the straps down with each step until right in front

of youI remove it so my bare nipples are in contact with

your chest lifting my head for a taste of your mouth my

Hand strokes your hard cock using your cock I guide you

into the shower you feel the heat of the water but all you

crave is the feel of my heart I turn you around immersing

you under the shower head I reach for the soap and

Start with small circles n your chest then turn you

around you lean head down under the spray arms

leaning against the wall for support I start to wash

your back massaging as I go slowly down your back

On to you tight ass my hot soapy hands running up and

down your back from shoulders to ass and back up each

time my hands getting deeper and deeper in your ass

I run my hand through the crack of your ass reach under

And scratch your balls with my fingers I slide my other

hand around and start to stroke your cock then remove

my hand from your ass slide it around to reach your

balls from the front you feel my shaved pussy up against

Your bare hot soapy wet ass you feel my hard tits

sliding on your back throwing your head back you can’t

take it anymore you whip around to grab me take my tit

into your mouth biting the nipple so hard I cry out you

Slide your other hand between my legs and your fingers

deep in my pussy you thrust your hand in and out and

feel me tighten around your fingers as I shriek out in ecstasy

I cum all over your hand you turn me around so that I am

Now facing the wall my arms are braced you move my

feet so I can give you more room you place the head of your

cock at the entrance of my ass grabbing my neck in your

teeth in one strong push you are inside of me I scream

In pain but you hold me still moving slowly in my ass till I

relax and you start to move faster slamming me against

the wall you reach around me grabbing both my tits

squeezing harder and harder with each thrust you have me

Slamming off your balls you are in so deep with a scream

from deep within you you grab all my hair and pull my

head to the side sinking your teeth into my neck like a

vampire going for blood you cum hard and deep in my

Ass bury your cock to the hilt I feel you cum in my ass

and I to start the dance squeezing your cock with my

ass I scream again in pleasure and collapse against

the wall as we try to catch our breath (sigh)


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