The Naughty Wife Is Back

The naughty wife is back
She’s looking to play
Looking to get back on track
She’ll excite you most days

A naughty storyline
Maybe a cyber fuck
She’ll treat you just fine
With A slow cock-suck

The naughty wife is so bad
With her words you will come
You’ll never feel sad
She’ll make sure that it’s fun

A very sexy role she’ll play
A detailed story meant to excite
Exciting you in the night or day

Perhaps she’ll send you an invite
Do you want to play with her
She’ll bring you to the moon
This vixen will make your purr
She hopes you’ll play with her soon

Are you ready for some fun
This lady can make you scream
You’ll beg her not to be done
She’ll make that dick cream

She’s a smooth operator
She knows what makes you tick
The other ladies will hate her
She’s a very hot cyber chick


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