Sexual Storm

Clouds of ecstasy loom in their eyes whilst innocence portrayed like a sweet disguise.
Clash of flesh, wrists bound above.. He will take what he wishes and it is this she loves.

Lips lain claim over succulant skin.. trailing, teasing, oh she WILL give in.

Wicked tongue slips over heightened peaks.. Her plea, her submission, this is what he seeks.

Lightning strikes throughout her veins as teeth reinstates a dominance reign.

The storm grows wilder within their soul.. as through cries of pleasure they are whole.

Suffocating his length did core ignite, fire consuming their flesh with one more bite.

Pace picks up whilst she pleads for more; To whom does she belong, she will know for sure.

His hips roll forcing vocals to hide, pressure building in threat to collide.

Without warning rumbles bellow from the beast, his seed in ropes expell like a feast.

Lightening streaks once more through her gaze, undone by this god of men and his ways.

Wicked, his grin, pleased by this prey.. He commaned her to release and she did obey.

What a sight lain in the wake of their squall, bound by flesh and at his beckon call.

This was merely the first of many staked claims, but she was unlike any other dame.

A fatal retreat slipped from slickened heat, their sexual storm now undeniably complete.


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