Cum On My Face

The last few days before the holidays .Finally fast approaching summer holidays … I’d had enough of working behind the counter and see the same old faces who take the ham or turkey slices for the cat … Let’s say, however, all in is Charles that makes me laugh. Ah, sorry, I forgot to tell that Charles is my colleague from 7 months and he, from time to time, pull up my morale with a few words or a few jokes. Customers also appreciate very much his character! (Perhaps even more than mine).

Anyway, I decided to talk about my sexual experience I had with Charles, just a few days ago, while we were closing inside the store. Every weekend we have to wash everything from top to bottom. It was a few minutes past 20:30 and I, as usual, I had taken the job of washing the floor across the room and even behind in the warehouse; Charles, instead, is concerned about the counters and Keep all the fresh goods in the refrigerator, for storage. Completed its work, however, I realized that he was looking at me from behind while I was bent over out the towel, and his look, aimed right there at my ass!

So, without wasting time, has come in my direction, he made me get up without notice in no time, took me in arm and began to kiss me. There and then I was amazed and, indeed, I did not think even I could never please him, since he had never hinted something. He pulled down the shutter completly with the button, so that we could do it all without being discovered by anyone!

At that point, then, he has placed me on the metal table – the one wich I usually use to clean the hams – and made me lie, and spread straight legs. After that, he unbuttoned my jeans with force and pulled them down along with pants. I could not believe it … yet it was just happening: his face “fell” right between my legs and I immediately felt his hot tongue go in search of my clit while with his hands outstretched my pussy lips.

I jumped and started to feel a state of excitement right there: wanted that would increase the pace, that his face was even more crushed against me, but I could certainly grab his head … .I would have had the courage to do it; then, I raised my pelvis, and he knew instantly that I wanted even more and he put a finger in my pussy and began to suck my clit. The game was done … I began to breathe harder and harder, louder and louder, until I reached my orgasm! But now it was my turn, because it certainly would not end there!

Reached that point, he took off his shoes and climbed on the table, dropped his pants right there in front of me and I found myself with his big cock ready to be sucked! So, he came up with another hand to My face and pointed it at my mouth for me to swallow. I, therefore, I open my mouth like a cave and I shook his penis in my hands. So, I started to move my head back and forth, while i was playing with tongue to tickle the little hole on top of his chapel.

Gradually, I felt his cock getting bigger and bigger and the breath of Charles was heard more and more, within the walls of the warehouse. At some point, then, Charles placed his hands on my hair, and referred me to take more deeply his cock; almost choked me, but eventually I managed to swallow that dick like it was a calippo, a summer ice cream you eat and you want even more.

There, with his cock instead, the game was different, I was not satisfied of his pleasure … I wanted to hear his breath even stronger, to really understand that I had satisfiated, just as he had been able to do it with me. I had my pussy still burning and, at the very idea, I get wet and drizzling throughout the vagina and on the counter.After a minute, Charles, took out his dick on fire from my mouth and I sprayed almost the entire face with the cum that could hold his big balls. The sperm was much, so much so that I even poured down his neck. He, however, was kind enough to take then a paper towel that was placed a little further and wiped my eyes from all that precious that I found on the cheeks, on the eyes, the mouth and down my neck. After that, he was approached near the ear and asked me:-Are You tired or …

-No, I’m not tired

So, then, he made me lie down on the table completely took away my shoes and my pants completely; he has taken them off and thrown on the floor – so everything was clean – and then I was placed on and started to fuck me slowly at first and then more and more he increased the pace, putting even raised my pelvis, so that completely ruled the “route” of his cock in my pussy. I heard him out and in, let it out and let it in until then, voluntarily, missed the hole and placed the dick in front of my ass. At that point I thought, “No way! I’ve never done, it will be a mess! ”

Then, slowly, he began to focus his dick in the ass; I felt my hole widen more and more slowly, until my ass had swallowed inside. Once his cock was inside started playing there too, pulling it out and then putting it back in; but the game was not limited to that, in fact, alternating asshole with pussy and then it was even more exciting. Therefore, it continued to increase more and more the pace and then for the last beaten continued in my pussy, where he knew definitely that he would not hurt me.The last two thrusts were very loud and again, he cum across my face! It was a very special closing shop!


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