Penetrate Me Big Boy

My slender fingers held his cock firm, squeezed it, aimed it to the center of my slit one more time, determined to keep it steady and get it in. I cringed my face to feel his entry, released it and left it standing stiff in the air behind me for him to delve in between my pink overly aroused flesh.

He inched his hips forward toward my ass and slowly force my lips apart with the tip of his cock, parting me wider and wider to fit the head in and bore into me bareback. He closed his eyes and moaned thickly as he entered me slow, oh ever so slow and widening, stretching the lips of my entrance. The swollen head slipped. Pierced its way too fast down into my pink swollen and sensitive canal. I involuntarily uttered a silent,


Not loud enough so Steph would hear. I wouldn`t want her to know I had already succumbed to his size on entry. To that first sweet popping pain as he entered. But this size cock made the pop felt as if my hymen was being broken again. I felt a tearing pain of his big cock parting my pussy walls. He shoved himself far into me, fucked so far down inside me, an A.T & T phone could not pick up signal.


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