The Love Of Pain

I want,
To fuck you,
Till it hurts;
Both of us.

I will suck,
Your nipples,
Mark them with,
Kiss bruises,
While you,
Rake my back,
With nails,
Drawing blood.

My grip on your butt cheeks,
Will leave hand prints,
In angry red.

Your hands will mark,
My butt cheeks,
To match yours,
With spots of blood,
Where your nails,
Dig in.

I will spread you,
Stretch you,
Pound you,
My cock,
into your cunt,
Bruising your groin,
Damaging mine.

I will moan your name,
In tune to your,
Crying out mine.

Your hips will buck,
Your legs will shake,
Your cunt will tighten,
Your pussy will flood.

My groin will slam yours to the bed,
Pin it there,
My cock will throb,
My ejaculation will fill you.

We will lie exhausted,
On sweat stained,
Blood stained sheets.

Our bodies will,
Each other,
For days.


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