Violent Orgasm

There was a whole bottle of whiskey on the table beside Adele and she helped herself to it. The rest of the guys were turned on like crazy. But the rules of the night were, no more than three guys, they had no other choice but to watch and embrace it.

I want both of you in my pussy can you do that for me? Olivia asked in between breaths and the other guys in the room instantly started stroking their cock harder..

Both guys seemed impressed with the idea and they didn`t waste any more time.

Liam lay on the clean and fuzzy carpet and stroked his cock right before Olivia came over and lay on top of him and started kissing him passionately with her ass still raised up for Ken to penetrate her. She felt Ken`s initial penetration into her. Once Ken already inside of her, she went ahead and settled on Liams well-toned body. She then felt the stretch of Ken shifting his cock as high up in her pussy as he could. She felt the strain of his hard cock at the roof of her vagina as he tried to make way for Liam to cram in his cock alongside his.

It was now Liam`s time to stuff his hard cock inside the same pussy. Adele was really scared Olivia would hurt herself, two cocks inside her at once was a massive take she thought. She stopped drinking and watched.

But Olivia didn`t look as though she was scared at all. As a matter of fact, the expression on her face suggested that she was more than ready to take both cocks up her pussy and that alone made Adele look forward too.

Liam carefully fit his cock inside Olivia`s vagina. Even though both cocks fit in it looked as though they were going to tear her up into two. Her entrance was stretched tight and thin. Thankfully, they were very careful and fucked her as gently as they could at first. After a few minutes of fucking and them can`t controlling their thrust anymore, going harder and faster both at the same time, Olivia told them to stop for a moment for it was rather too tight. Only a second later, she told them to continue doing her but gently.

After about five minutes, both cocks were sliding in and out of her, drawing lots of sticky vagina juice with them. One of the girls who was juxtapose from where Adele was sitting was really having a difficult time keeping her horniness in check, so she started rubbing her clit openly, then stuffing three fingers, then four into her hole, as if imitating the stretching fuck Adele was receiving. She then took a moments to lick her four fingers before shoving them right back in.

She took the attention from Olivia for a moment but she lost everyone as soon as Olivia was twisting and screaming in a huge orgasm.

The orgasm was so violent that her pussy throbbed and spurt a mixture of semen and vaginal fluid all over the clean carpet. The act of decadence made Adele go over the edge and removed her skirt and started playing with her cunt openly, knowing nobody gave a damn about whatever the other was doing.

Everyone thought that Olivia and the guys were done with their threesome, but that wasn`t the case.


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