1 2 3

I’m gonna fuck your bitchin ass, as you eat you’re girlfriend out
sixty-nining under me.
Ill stuff it in her warm wet mouth, just as soon as I pull it out
It’ll stop her moans , she’ll just gurgle groans
while your tongue licks, and flicks about.
Her swollen labia will make her clit stick out
like a micro cock, her juices will leak out.
As I hear those sultry, sexy sounds, and as i see the slutty sight.
I add my own groan and moan, to the fuck-fest delight.
I’m going to blow, so I gotta go, right in your whorin’ cunt.
this dream come true, involves me and you,
I fire it out and like LEO grunt.
All sticky, slick and sweaty now, we three catch our breath,
the sex we had is just love of lust
and for myself without would be death.
This afternoon was bloody fun, over for now, we all must run.
For our lives need still go on, VAPID; BORING; PALLID; WAN.
But on we go. We will toil, we will strive.
Memories of a pleasant 1 2 3 keeping us alive.


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