4 Times

I sit here now naked bare
In one hand quill the other dink
Stroking with both and I don’t care
What the fucked up prudes do think

My muddled messed meandering mind
Envisions crazy kinky things
Leather lace whips chains that bind
The game we play the pleasure it brings

My ocean muse and my mistress
Allow me life in this b s world
I love you ell and lady s
Oops your pantyhose have become pearled

That’s ok it’s just round one
I’ll dress up now in hose and heels
Sexy corset for filthy fun
Hey guess what they’re only clothes

Pink peep toe pumps showing nails bright blue
Light orange stockings with a black back seam
A leather mini and a silken blouse of a pastel hue
Damn the thought again I cream

I love a woman who loves to play
Sexy games and masturbate
To please each other in a private way
Are you there can you relate

My kinks are mine and I’m just fine
Just a different duck pure and free
To love my life and accept thine
For all I am is only me

I guess round three can get going now
In silver sparkly four inch pump heel
Pink pantyhose cut crotch meow wow
A short silk blue dress completes the deal

I see and smell you deep down in my brain
As you four finger your hole and erupt in a gush
Watching me and smiling as I blast off again
Sweaty and smelly my skin all aflush

I now soak in the tub to refresh my bod
Yet my libido takes me over anew
The warm soapy water gives rise to my rod
As you’re in the mirror again I pull it for you

Burnt right out and totally spent
I climb into bed to enjoy much needed sleep
As I close my eyes in you creep and my sheets do tent
I’ve no choice you’re in to deep

That’s OK with me I don’t mind at all
It would be nice to have a real live gal
With all her emotions and issues big and small
Til the right one is here you’ll be my pal

My fantasy my muse my far away friend
Someone to occupy my all alone time
Something to think about some thoughts to send
Perhaps poetic prose with reason and rhyme

So smile sweetly sleep sound and stay solid
I’ll do the same and live just for today
Making the most of the gifts I’ve been allotted
Just to pass pleasure is what I truly pray


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