Crack Demon

Crack Demon loved boys. Loved flirting with them and alluring them into dark places that only hell could provide.

Ten so far. Ten young men, seduced from their innocent worlds and sucked down the rabbit hole of hell.

Big demon too. Big red dick, sprouting up hard, with big, round, tight balls filled with fire and cum.

His name was Bill. The demon that is. Taken cover in an older man’s body. Big, beefy, muscle ass with big arms and hairy chest, and balls that bunched in tight blue jeans. Fat soft cock, trailing down leg. Imprint of the head, clear as day, you could trace your finger along the rim.

The demon had a handsome face. Dark blue eyes, thick brown hair and full mustache. Beautiful soft lips.

First kid was Wallace, working at Discount Records. A small music store at the far end of a fading mall with very little life. Rumor had it, the mall was about to be knocked down, which made sense that everyone except a few stores were still in operation.

But Wallace didn’t care. He had another job already lined up at the end of the summer, and just stayed on for the hell of it. To ride it out till the end.

It was almost closing when Bill strolled into the store. “You still open, boy?” The demon asked, big hands on either hips, thrusting forward his crotch at the counter for the boy to see. He was also wearing a red cap turned backwards, and an open blue flannel checkered shirt.

“Huh? Oh. I’m….ÿeah. You have about ten minutes, can I help you?”

Wallace had never seen a man like Bill before. A big masculine sir with full arms, legs and fat package and a beautiful brown carpet of chest hair. He had to look away from blushing.

“Yes.” said Bill, little smirk on his face knowing that the kid was already uncomfortable. This kid was gonna be a piece of cake. His first one at that, since he smoked his way out of hell.

“Looking for country and western boy? You have any of that?”

“Um, …” Wallace took off his glasses, pushed his falling blond hair out of his eyes, and looked toward the far back. “Not much, but, there’s a small section back there by the posters. Mostly old.”

“That’s fine. Thanks.”

“No problem, sir. Let me know if you need any help finding something.”

“Rest assure I will, boy.” Bill winked, patting his big hands on his legs like, come and get it boy, giddy up!

Seeing that the store was empty, the demon wasted no time.

Stepping into the back area near the poster wall, the demon turned around, un-zippered his jeans and, after a grunt, dropped it’s fat cock down between it’s legs.

The demon spread his legs further and pulled out a long glass pipe formed like a snake, and dropped a piece of white rock into the mouth.

With his finger, came fire, and he slowly burned the top of the snake pipe.

“Gonna Fuck You Boy.” hissed the demon, sucking in the white smoke and watching Wallace as he leaned over, cleaning up the counter in his brown shorts.

The shorts were tight. So tight the demon could see the crack of his ass.

As the Crack Demon’s eyes flickered black up into his head, it’s cock started growing, swaying, between it’s legs. The demon tilted it’s face down and blew a steady stream of smoke on it’s piece.

It’s cock went wild. Springing to life, pre-cum spurting out like a mini-fountain.

“Come here boy.” The demon puffed. “I need help.”

“Yes, sir.”

Said Wallace, back turned, still doing his cleaning.

As he stepped toward the demon, he immediately got hit by a blast of white smoke that had him buckle to his knees in front of the big beast.

The record store started spinning as the boy tried to come to his senses. But, that was quickly lost as the demon dropped it’s dick in front of the kid’s face, knocking his glasses partly off his face.

“You like big elephant cock boy?” The demon purred.

“Huh? I’m sorry. What? I can’t…”

The demon took the kid by the back of his neck, flopped his pretty blond hair out of his face and said,


The beast took another hit from the glass snake and steamed out a wicked cloud of fog as Wallace tried to move away.

“No you don’t.” It growled, closing it’s eyes, holding it’s head up, and pushing he boy’s soft mouth on it’s giant, elephant cock.

Wallace gagged as salty poison and sweet crack smoke filled his lungs and then, the demon dick was inside his face. His glasses dangled off, his hair, now flopped back over one eye.

“Suck it Boy. Suck that Demon Cock!”

Wallace gagged, leaned back, watched the cock slide out of his mouth, his spit dripping, and white steam, swirling around it.

“Like it? Hmmmm?” The Crack Demon asked.

In a daze, Wallace nodded his head yes, and licked his soft, little lips.

“Uh huh. Taste like gumballs. Sweet. Sir”

“Yeaaaah. That’s right. You just keep sucking then. I have business to do.”

He ushered Wallace back down on his cock, and dropped his jeans to the floor.

“Grab those big balls boy, while you suck that elephant cock!”

“Yes. yes sir.” whispered Wallace, softly wrapping his fingers around the giant hanging sack.

The demon hit the snake again, white rock burning, sizzling…

“Harder Wallace! Grab those balls harder. And Suck!”

“Ok, sir. But, it’s so big…”

The monster then sprayed down a jet of smoke that immediately blew the boy away into space. The kid’s sweaty hole, sliding open like butter as he knees moved apart.

“Yeah. That’s it, boy. Take it home. Show daddy.”

Wallace paused for a moment, let out a little whimper, then, eyes on the prize, popped open his mouth and wolfed down on the giant dick, rising his little body, and working his jaws feverishly on it. His little tongue, darting out and licking the head, down the trunk, and all around the balls, as his little hand kept them tight.

“That’s it. SUCK IT!”

Wallace whimpered. His glasses now cracked and destroyed on the floor under the demon’s big right boot.

“Such a good cock, sir.” Wallace whined, tears from crack smoke and joy, filling his eyes.

His mouth moving faster around the demon’s tool, sucking hard, gasping, gagging, but going back down quick for more.

“All the waaaay, yeah. That’s my boy.”

“Fuck me.” Wallace whispered, releasing the devil dick, peeking up with one eye. “Fuck me.”

“You want to get fucked? Big elephant dick, up that little hole.”

The kid farted ever so sweetly.

“OOOOH. That’s what I call a Yes. Well, stand up boy.”

The demon stepped back, and helped the kid wobble up to his shaky, white legs.

He then stepped back against a shelf, putting just a few inches between them, and slapped his meaty thighs.

“Come on. Turn around, let’s ride this demon dick.”

“Yes, sir.” said Wallace, pulling down his wet shorts, his long pale pecker sticking strait out.

Before he knew it, the demon took another hit from the snake, a huge one, and, through a trail of white smoke, growled, and stuck it’s middle finger right up the kid’s crack.


Before Wallace could say ‘yes, sir’. the monster’s dick shoved inside of him, yanking his little ass and legs right off the ground.

Wallace screamed as the demon showed it’s true form.

“You wanna come with me, boy? To where I go? Hmmm?”

Screaming, “It hurts! Stop!” Wallace could see the shadow of a giant tail waving behind him. “No. It hurts!”

“I’m fucking you boy! That’s what you wanted up that hole. Big Demon Cock. Huh? You wanna go with me?”

“Ok.” cried Wallace. “Just take it out! Pleaaaase?”

The demon slid back, it’s pointy red cock riding out of him. Bright, red blood, dripping off the tip, and racing down the kid’s inner thigh.

“Let’s go Wallace. Let’s go home.”

The Crack Demon said, placing the kid in one arm, folding him over like a coat, blood oozing more out of his little hole.

Wallace, didn’t say a word. He just hung there, lifeless, in his arm, his head down, beside the demon’s big wagging cock.

It was about a quarter till nine when the security guard found the gate to the record store still open. And a puddle of blood, and soggy little wet shorts, and broken glasses on the floor, in the back near the poster wall.

The second kid was a few days later. The Crack Demon’s next choice.

“Come on Karen. You got me all the way up here, to tease me and then turn away. What gives?”

Asked Ryan, in his jeep, out near Falls Park. He folded his arms, pissed.

Karen, 17, shrugged and looked away.

“I’m not feeing right now, Rye. This place gives me the creeps. Take me home.”

Ryan, a year older, jet black hair, muscular, pale as the moon, took Karen’s hand once again and placed it on his cock that he had plopped out of his shorts, and tossed over the side.

“Come on. Don’t you like it? It’s the biggest around.”

The kid did have a big dick. Big man dick. Nice juicy black bush, glistening in the moonlight there at Falls Park.

“It’s ok. I just don’t Like it here! Next time, okay, Rye? I promise.”

“Just suck it, Karen. Come on. Just get me going, then I’ll take it from there.”

“No. I want to go home.”

“Fine. I’ll suck it myself.”

The boy then sat up in his seat, took a deep breath, wagged the cock upright, then, leaned down and slid his mouth over the head, and started slowly sucking.

“Eeeeh! That’s disgusting. Take me home, now!”

“Nope.” Ryan said, sucking faster.

”Fine! I’ll walk home. Freak!”

The girl jumped out of the jeep, grabbed her purse and slammed the door.

As she walked away from the jeep, calling him a loser, faggot,something like that, she didn’t notice the shadow of a large man standing a few feet away near the jeep.

The Crack Demon watched her go, and focused back on the kid, his head moving up and down in the front seat.

The demon pulled out the snake pipe and fired up. His eyes turned black as the first puff of poison filled the night air.

Sounds of wet smacking could be heard from the jeep, faster, as the muscle kid worked faster on his joint. His hungry mouth touching down, his face buried in his moist bush.

“Good cock. Who needs her?” he mumbled, before going back down on himself.

“Yes. Indeed, who needs her.” said a deep voice, somewhere outside the jeep’s window.

Ryan jerked up. His mouth wet and drippy.

“What the fuck? Who’s out there?”

The Crack Demon stepped up to the door and tapped.

“Excuse me, boy. Why are you out here this late?”

A flashlight popped on, and Ryan caught sight of the big police officer standing outside in front of him.

Embarrassed, Ryan tried to slip his big cock back into his pants, but the cop was already opening the door.

“Sir, I need you to step outside the jeep please, and show me some ID.”

“Um, okay…”

As Ryan slid out of the jeep, his wet cock flopped down between him, and his big white muscular arms, popped as he closed the door.

“I was only goofing around, officer.”

“I see. How long have you been able to suck your own cock, boy?”

“Excuse me? Wh-what are you doing?”

The cop took off his hat, dropped it to the ground, zipped open his jeans, and shook out his monster dick.

“You ever suck elephant dick, boy?”

“Fuck you.” said Ryan. “What are you? Some kind of fag? Now, what are you doing?”

The Demon pulled back out his snake pipe and placed white rock on it.

“Watch this. Wanna see something really cool?”

“Fuck no.”

The Demon took a hard hit, blew the smoke at Ryan, and watched the kid drop to his knees.

“I need you to go with me boy. Keep my little friend Wallace company. But first, I need you to suck my cock.”

“Fuck you!” snarled Ryan, trying to move away.

The Demon suddenly smacked the jock’s pretty face, knocking him down flat on the ground.

“You need to suck this big cock, Ryan. Just like you were doing in the car.”

“Sure. Ok, cop. Whatever. You smoke that stuff, and I’ll, I’ll suck your cock…”

Ryan suddenly kicked back, knocking the demon backwards, and scrambled to his feet.


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