A Good Morning Fuck

The alarm clock.
It’s 5:30.
Just getting light.
I set it 30 minutes early.
So we’d have time.
We fell asleep spooned.
We awake spooned.
After this many years.
It’s the way we are.
Half asleep.
My hand fondles her breast.
She takes my hand.
Kisses it.
Moves it to her panties.
Slowly I slide my hand inside.
As soon as my finger.
Touches the top of her pussy.
She spreads her legs.
My fingers find her pussy lips.
Her clit.
Rub it.
She squirms.
Begins to sigh.
I move her panties.
To her knees.
To her feet.
And off.
She spreads her legs wider.
Her hand finds my swollen cock.
Strokes it.
Finds a drop of pre-cum on its tip.
Pulls it to her pussy.
Parts her pussy lips with it.
Mixing my pre-cum with her wetness.
I fill her.
My cock deeply in her cunt.
I slide in and out of her.
Each time deeper.
Each time with more force.
I slide my skin against hers..
I lie.
On top of her.
Her legs wrap around my hips.
Holding my groin against hers.
With a kiss,
A deep long one.
I cum within her.
She cums with me in her.
I sigh.
She smiles.
“Good morning.”


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