The Devil’s Chair

She looks very sexy
But very evil
in many wicked ways

I love her Heart shape ass

Lucky chair
Sitting down makes my dick scare
She makes me so horny
All i want is to pull her hair
Fuck her doggystyle
Fucking on Her evil black chair
her pussy so good
She makes me scream in the air

One good night
To live the rest of my life in hell
With the one of many she devil’s
My knees buckle when i walk and yell

Her pussy very expensive
She-Devil always want the finest things
Mad at me when i leave the toilet seat up
Always horny now she wants to fuck

Lately i haven’t been in the mood

I work very hard
I’m very tire
Let me seat down on THE DEVIL’S CHAIR
But in my heart there alot negative pain
Does she notice-i love her or even care
Tears coming down my face like heavy rain

She wants the house clean
Every 24 hours
my water bill is super high
About 1 Million times SHE Showers

She Mad at me
when i run out of money
But i’m the only one working
I’m so broke-i’m eating shit instead of honey
Do i have to lose my life for a VICE QUEEN


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