Mile High Club

In her mid-thirties, with two young kids (terrible twos) and a high-powered job in London, a barrister, life was not the bed of roses she had imagined it would be as she sailed through school, passing everything she had to with flying colours. Then onto university reading law. To say university was a piece of piss was an understatement. It posed no real academic challenge. Again, sailing through her exams with distinction. The work wasn’t hard, to her anyway. ‘You’ll never forget your university days,’ they would say, in a ‘I told you so… ‘ kind of a way. ‘Too bloody right there,’ she thought! Boy, did she suck some cock. It seemed she always had a spunking cock in her mouth or up her shaven pussy. She loved having her pussy licked and enjoyed nothing more than opening her legs to be eaten out. One boy, in particular, was an expert. Lying backwards on the bed, sofa or anything else flat. Not even flat as he once put his head up her mini in the toilet of a train to make her shake violently and multi-orgasm juice over his face. ‘God, he was good,’ she smiled. Another time, a different guy, fucked her arse so hard, balls slapping, she thought his huge cock would appear out her mouth. Always dressing to kill she fucked so much if there was a degree in fucking she’d get double distinction!

‘Fuck! These were good days, right enough,’ she would often remember those great university days with fondness.

That was in the past and life marches on regardless. After university, she managed to get a job with a big law firm in London. Getting into a law firm was highly competitive with only the bravest and cleverest succeeding. There was once upon a time armed with a law degree meant you were almost guaranteed a job as a lawyer, but not now where only the fittest survive. Rising through the ranks became a barrister within a few years. The cases were varied to say the least. Anything from petty shoplifters to murder. She would never mix work with pleasure, though some of the guys were hot. One guy in particular looked like he would have been hung like a donkey but the way his cock bulge in his jeans. Even some of the women were hot, though she had never been with a woman.

That was a few years ago now and she was one of the top barristers in London who could command high fees. She had a reputation of being a tough cookie, so this too added to the high salary. In the early days, she didn’t keep off her panties for no one, except for herself. ‘Strange,’ she thought as she always had a cock in her mouth at university. Now, the only fucking she got was when the rabbit was in the hole. Circling the clit and rubbing it feverishly meant she would get so excited, and so wet, it was unbearable at times with all the sexual desires. She had always been a squirter when aroused and touched in a certain way. Sometimes it was embarrassing when she’d squirt, jets of warm sticky pussy juice would gush everywhere and her body would shake violently for a few seconds after. She would always carry a clean pair of knickers in her bag, as she would inevitably get aroused and pussy droplet would soak her knickers.

Work was going well and she was at the top of her game, earning a very good salary indeed. A house in the posh part of London and car to suit. Life was ok! The only thing she lacked was a cock and a good fucking on a daily basis. One of the defence lawyers was particularly good looking and, no doubt, had his good share of pussy juice and fucking. They started dating and were quickly known as ‘an item,’ a term she always hated. The first date was to see a movie, which was so memorable she’d forgotten what it was about. Within keeping to her previous lifestyle, the evening ending up in bed after having such wild, uncontrollable sex. ‘Fuck me,’ she thought. As soon as the door was shut they started wildly kissing and fondling. Rubbing her tits, through the jumper, his hand made its way between her legs and started rubbing hurriedly. Unfastening the black trousers felt the wet panties and swollen lips. Wow! You are so wet,’ he whispered. Hand down the front, fingers either side of the swollen lips, rubbed up and down. Two fingers pushed into the tight wet hole and slowly started to fuck. The fucking speed increased and she orgasmed. Pussy juice ran down the tunnel. Falling to his knees he licked that pussy, and pulled the clit, so hard the she multi-orgasmed sticky juice by the gallon. Legs shaking violently his finger rimmed her arsehole and slowly pushing a finger up fucked her stupid. Standing he fell onto his knees, at the same time lowered his navy trousers and they slid down his legs. Pulling down the boxers revealed an erect helmeted cock. Partly shaven his balls hung like two abandoned marble bags under his eight-inch cock. Feverishly twisting and gorging hungrily on the cock, deep-throated the thick monster. Pulling her head back and forth fucked her mouth so hard that she gagged silvery saliva in minutes of being mouth fucked. Lifting her onto the bedside cabinet he pushed his hard, throbbing cock up her tight wet hole and fucked hard and fast. Moaning loudly, she orgasmed, arms around his waist shook violently for a few seconds. Jumping off he forced her on all fours. Pushing his pussy juice cock up her tight arsehole began to fuck and fuck stupidly. Balls slapping her arse cheeks as he fucked, in and out the rock pumped. Sexual exhaustion welled deep inside until she fell forward panting. Tits being pressed into the wooden floor. Lying on top he continued to fuck and fuck. ‘Stop!’ she cried. She had never once said that while being fucked, but felt her heart racing. In bed they slept for a solid ten hours afterwards.

A couple years down the line she had two young children, a divorce and a big house. Mr Right, although the best fucking she has ever had in her entire life, turned out to be a total arsehole and a two-timing bastard. While he was fucking her stupid each day, he was also screwing his secretary. Bastard! Better without him. ‘I do miss the sex though,’ she thought.

Occasionally her job involved travelling to other countries to give talks on English law. Some smart sod would sometimes say ‘Does that include Scotland as well?’ She’d then have to explain that English and Scottish law is different. Sneering, smart sods, she thought, but was more than capable of putting them in their place. Flying long-haul to different places often thought the Air Stewardesses were so ‘fucking hot’ and often wondered what it would be like sticking a finger up their wet pussies. She had never been with a woman or particularly wanted to lick pussy. If she found them hot then what would the guys be thinking!

One day her boss said to her ‘Will you give a talk in America, please?’ She said ‘Of course, I will.’ Well it sounded better than ‘Fuck off! You stupid, dried-up bitch!’ ‘That’s all I need is to give a playschool type talk to stupid Americans,’ thinking to herself. Might not be that bad. And eating Arsenic won’t kill you!

The plane was half-full that day. Sitting on the left, next to the window, had a good view of the passengers. Nothing particularly exciting, which would make her pussy gush, but the bloody thing did anyway of its own accord. One youngish, fit guy, wearing a navy suit, was OK and wished his cock was in her mouth while squeezing his spunk-filled balls. The two Air Stewardesses were so fucking hot. ‘Christ!’ Dressed in the Airlines uniform and bare legs. ‘Mother of Fuck,’ she thought to herself. Both were so hot, but the blonde one was almost perfect. Pretending to look out the window, but all the time discretely looking at the blonde and imagining her panties (probably lacy white) being moulded around her wet, puffy pussy.

As the hours passed the stewardesses walked up and down with drinks and meals. The toilet was situated opposite the stewardesses’ curtained area. All the time her pussy drippled juice into the black satin panties. Seeing the toilet was vacant made her way. The curtain was over and saw the blonde stewardess doing something. They exchanged glances and pleasantries. About to lock the door it opened, shut and locked. The blonde air stewardess stood before her. Pushing her back against the wall said ‘I’ve seen you look at me and wonder. So, do you want to lick my pussy? Feel your tongue on my wet lips and drink my juice, bitch?’ Whimpering ‘Yes!’ she loosened her grip on the blonde’s jacket. Taking off her hat the stewardess shot her hand up the lawyer’s skirt and cupped her wet pussy and purposefully rubbed. ‘Boy! You are a wet one, aren’t you bitch!’ Falling to her knees she inhaled the pussy juice panties before yanking them down and thrusting her tongue between the legs and hurriedly licking the wet, swollen lips. Crazily licking the moist crack the stewardess’s left hand slid underneath the lawyer’s blouse and gel bra cupping, and twisting, the fleshy breasts. Rubbing her tits and licking her pussy she soon started moaning noisily. The stewardess’s hand lowered and two fingers went up into the tight wet hole. Fucking speedily the fingers were dripping in juice. Pulling forward she rubbed the wrinkled G-spot. ‘Oh, God!’ the lawyer cried, as she dug her fingers into the stewardess’s scalp. Shaking violently, she orgasmed warm sticky pussy juice over her face. Pussy still sealed her other hand gripped and spanked the arse cheeks pink before pushing a finger up her tight arsehole and slowly fucking. Multi-orgasming, heart racing, she fell. Kissing wildly a rink of saliva ran around their mouths.

Hosting herself onto the toilet system the stewardess opened her legs, pulled up her skirt to her thighs and forced the lawyer’s head down to suck her wet white lace panties. The lawyer inhaled deeply the womanly juices before sucking the dampness. ‘Oh, that tastes so good,’ she whispered. Drawing the damp panties aside smelt the wet crack and hole. Kissing the swollen flaps, she pulled the throbbing clit between her lips. Moaning the stewardess mumbled ‘Oh, yes!’ as the lawyer prized open the lips to lick her tunnel. With each licking stroke the stewardess shook. Grabbing the lawyer’s head the shaking became violent until she orgasmed warm sticky juice into the lawyer’s mouth and shook uncontrollably. Still mouth sealing the pussy sucked, and licked, beyond orgasm. A hand slid underneath the stewardess’s arse cheeks and rimming her arsehole pushed a finger up and slowly started to fuck. The stewardess went crazy, head tossing from side to side and legs shaking like jelly on a plate. She orgasmed hard with a jet of juice into the lawyer’s mouth, while her finger fucked her arse. Clambering up the stewardess’s uniform kissed and they both swallowed the sweet pussy nectar. Washing each other’s pussies in the wash hand basin, with their wet panties, pulled down their skirts. Flushing the panties down the toilet kissed and finger fondled before parting.

Leaving the plane, with the other passengers, the stewardess smiled and said ‘Have a nice day, Madam!’


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