Road Head

 I press my ass up against your car, the heat from the sun all day radiates through my clothes and stings. I arch my back but I like it, so I press it harder into your car door as I wait for you to get out of work. I lean back and let the sun soak into my tan body, I close my eyes and just listen to the sound of the cars passing by on the nearby street. What a sight for sore eyes, my slender frame, my perky breasts, my toned legs, just baking in the sun. My long black hair wisps around my face with the light wind. You’re surprised as you didn’t know I was in town. You surprise me as I stand there legs spread with a kiss. I can already feel your dick throb. You are happy to see me. You open the door to the car, as I sit down you stroke the outside of your pants. I wrap my hands around your waist and pull you close, my face buried in the groin of your pants. I look up at you and tell you to get in the car. As you start to drive I can’t help myself, I can’t wait to get home with you, I have to have some of you now. I bite my bottom lip as I shyly look over at you, Baby, I want to suck your cock. You try to keep your hands at 10 and 2 but I’m a naughty girl and take off my shorts and panties at the on ramp to the highway. My legs are spread as I bend over and unzip your pants. I stroke your big cock. It’s dripping and I’ve told you how much I love the taste of precum, so I can’t help but wrap my mouth around its tip to suck it off. Your cock is warm and the tip is so fucking hard, the skin is tight. If I could fuck you while you were driving I so would right now. I let you take one hand off the wheel so you can rub your fingers through my hair. My hair wraps around your hand as you press my head deep onto you. I moan and spit just drips down your cock. I love the way you taste, just a hint of ball sweat since you’ve been working all day and your sweet cock has been wanting me. I love just a hint of ball sweat. Your cock is so hard. You talk to me, you tell me you love the way I suck your cock. I make you put the seat back as far as you can just enough so you can reach the pedals. I pull your cock all the way out of your pants. It’s so hard! It’s really so fucking hard today! You missed me? You can barely answer, yes baby I missed you. I tell you I need you now! “Take me, suck me until I cum down your throat, you say. Holy fuck suck my fucking hard cock!” I love the way your cock tastes! I love everything about you! I stroke your cock up and down, not to soft but not to firm. Softer strokes down and tighter strokes on the way up, squeezing at the head , biting you just a bit.You always love it when I give you road head, it’s one of your favorites. It gives me a sense of power and control. I love power and control. You have to concentrate to be able to focus on the road. I can feel your thighs flex, your so muscular and your so fucking sexy. I use my other hand to rub myself, all you can do is briefly catch a glimpse as you have to try and pay attention. I moan and place my right leg on the window. God, I wish you could fuck me! I am so turned on, it catches me off guard. I put my fingers in my pussy and I can tell I am going to cum. Every time the car hits any sort of bump in the road, my hand bounces on and off my swollen clit. I raise my leg as high as I can on the window. As a trucker drives past, I can hear the air horn, it makes me smile. You know how much I love it when we cum together. I tell you I am going to cum, I try to suck you but it’s so hard as my pussy is fucking clenching down on my fingers, I am trying to breathe, I am moaning and stroking your cock. “Fuck baby I love when you cum, I’m gonna cum down your throat” . “Open your mouth baby and take all my hot cum. Fuck! Oh my fucking god” , your leg bounces in the gas pedal. My mouth fills with cum, i can’t swallow it all as it shoots so fast down my throat. It takes me a second to catch my breath. My legs shake as i move my right one back to the floorboard and sit up, my hand catches the last remaining drops of cum on my chin. I just look at you and smile. I missed you too baby.


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