Sex Is Her Fuel

Hungry for sex you see
Arousal fuels her
Crawling on her knees
She grins and she purrs

She goes to his groin
She kisses his dick
Her face in his loins
She sucks on his prick

Her mouth is so full
She enjoys his cock
She’s got quite a mouthful
His baton like a rock

She looks into his eyes
While she quenches her thirst
She sucks his cock dry
This is what she does first

She’s finished giving head
Her pussy is on fire
She pushes him on the bed
Sex is what she desires

Her cunt is very hot
She eases onto his pole
Pleasure to hit her g-spot
His finger is in her asshole

She moves very slow
Holding her breasts
She fucks like a pro
He too holds her chest

Her cunt is making sounds
While she fucks his tool
He loves her tight mound

Fucking his dick is her fuel
Fingers deep in her ass
Pussy slapping right down
She’s got so much class
She’s wearing a bit of a frown

She screams in ecstasy
They come together at last
Panting breathlessly
She just adores his shaft

Kissing each other
He wants to lick her now
She loves her lover
Sweat drips from his brow

She opens her legs wide
Their cream pie drips
She looks at him open-eyed
She begs and bucks her hips

He licks their sticky cum
From her pussy folds
He rubs her clit with his thumb
Her pussy is his gold

Tongue-fucking her slit
She moans out of control
He squeezes her big tits
He’s adoring her pussy hole

Screaming in delight
His face covered in juice
This was an amazing night
Her pussy cream tastes like fruit


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