Two Big Loads Pt 2

Riding home after the bar my boyfriend asked me about my conversation with Jim. I told him that he was worried about the friendship and how I reassured him that you were ok. My boyfriend wanted to know if he wanted more and I said we didn’t talk about last Saturday. He asked me if I wanted more and I told him that I didn’t know and I didn’t want to screw things up with us. I reminded him that our sex life included a lot of pillow talk about me getting laid by someone else and it was confusing sometimes when I get attracted to people. We completed the drive in our own minds. When we got back to his apartment we fucked. When I was sucking his cock my boyfriend asked me about Jim’s cock. I unplugged from his member and sat down on his cock. I whispered in his ear giving him the full details of the night, he fucked me harder. During sex he told me it was ok to seduce Jim but he didn’t want to know about it. Me being the dirty girl I am said “then how can I tell you about it”. He came hard. As we relaxed he told me to be discreet as he didn’t want people knowing that I was whoring around. I said ok and we went to sleep.

Sunday was our weekly softball games and I saw Jim. We were on the same team and when we spoke he said he was thinking a lot about our moment and he wished we had enough time to complete our encounter. I said I also wanted to be with him but time was short as finals were approaching and I would be hitting the books. I said after finals I would be moving home to my parents and coming down a lot to my boyfriends over the summer. We could find time then to fuck. He said ok but he was going to have blueballs again thinking of our time. I smiled. I said maybe I could find some time before and would call him. He smiled and said ok.

Jim was a handsome man. A little muscular standing 6’ tall with longer brown hair and a nice butt. He had big feet which matched his big dick. He was funny and was charismatic as was my boyfriend. All the girls thought about Jim and I think my boyfriend also. I loved to laugh and Jim went out of his way to make me laugh. He also played a little guitar at our drunken parties and we all sang along to the tunes. He was daring on our outdoor adventures and between him and my boyfriend I would hold my breath when they challenged each other to feats of stupid things. That summer particularly we would find ourselves doing outdoor things like camping, backpacking, lots of canoeing, riding the motorcycle and some rock climbing. My body was to be challenged keeping up with these two competitive people vying for my attention while keeping them apart for the most part.

Sunday night I packed my bag, fucked my boyfriend and went back to school. I walked into my apartment and my three roommates were sitting around and the phone rang. It was Jim. He wanted to know if we could get together. I told him again I would be studying for finals and couldn’t see him. He said he just wanted to talk for a bit. I said I doubted he wanted to just talk. He laughed and said you’re right. I can buy you an ice cream if you want an excuse. A little begging from him was endearing to me and I relented. I said I could see him on Tuesday evening for a couple of hours but we couldn’t meet at the apartment as one of my roommates was dating in the same circle of friends, besides it was study time. He said we could go out for ice cream and find a place. I assumed it was a motel and I said it was a lot of money for a couple of hours. He asked if I would I object to his pickup truck as he uses it for camping? He said it was pretty well set up. I said I never met a man in the back of a pick up truck before and chuckled. He said maybe it will be the first and he hoped it wouldn’t be the last. We hung up and my body flushed.

Tuesday came and I was having trouble focusing on schoolwork thinking of the evening. I went home showered and dressed for the evening. The phone rang and it was Jim, he would be picking me up at 7:30 in our parking lot. Being hot out I wore shorts and a tank top and flip flops. Before I could leave it started to pour rain outside so I grabbed my raincoat. I took my book bag and told my roommates I was going to the library and waited for Jim. It wasn’t long before he pulled up and I ran to his door and got in. A hug and a chuckle about the rain and we left campus. Looking through the back window of the truck I could see the camp setup and I got excited in anticipation of the evening. I flashed to a vision of Jim’s cock between my legs for the first time. My mind thought about how long we have been teasing each other knowing that someday it might lead to this. I thought of the fantastic blowjob and shuttered thinking how hot this first fuck was going to be. I exhaled and Jim was looking at me. He asked if everything was alright. I smiled and moved next to him in the truck and kissed him. We pulled over and necked for a little bit then left for ice cream. We got our cones and spoke about things. We both said we didn’t want to screw our friendships up and that we were just looking for fun. I told him that I loved my boyfriend but being young and in college only lasted a short while. I was free to do as I wanted and my boyfriend acknowledged my freedom. He was cool with that. I told him this made me a little nervous because it was close to home for my boyfriend. Jim said he was in between girlfriends and enjoyed our friendship but wasn’t wanting anything serious. He promised he would keep our time together a secret no matter what. Finishing our cones we discussed where we should go next. It started to rain again. I suggested we go to a commuter parking lot on campus. It would be fairly empty and with the rain no one would be poking around. That’s what we did. Jim got out of the car and opened the gate. I got out of the truck and climbed in the back of the truck as the sun went down. . Jim closed the gate and pulled the curtains. He had shades but they weren’t required. It was a little chilly so he put the heater on. He was so cute. He had the bed made, a bottle of wine in the refrigerator, some cheese. He even had flowers in a vase. He asked if I wanted a glass of wine and I said one glass as the week before finals week was demanding. He offered a joint and I said no. I said you can smoke if you want and he said no. I laid down on the bed and Jim gently kissed me. We got lost in the kissing as our tongues explored each other’s mouth. This exchange got me hyper excited and I was clinging to him and humping his leg. He took my shirt off and unbuttoned my pants. I took his pants off as well as mine. He played with my body making it tingle with excitement and I played with him. His finger rubbed and entered my pussy. I told him I wanted him inside me now and I opened my legs as wide as I could. He mounted me and put his bulbous penis inside of me. I gasped as he moved into my vagina. It opened up and was finally filled up with his cock. As he screwed me my mind replayed all the times I lusted for him. Slowly he moved in and out as my pussy juices ran out. I was brought to orgasm in what seemed record time. He was controlled, big and knew what he was doing. He started the process again and again I contracted my pussy and orgasmed. He then released his control and fucked me hard. My hips moved in unison to meet his pounding thrusts and I was moaning loudly and throwing out a few OMG’s which the rain falling on the cap muffled. He came hard and shot his load between my legs overflowing me with his seed. It was one of the best fucks I have ever had. We laid there with his cock still buried, cum dripping out of my vagina and his weight on my chest gasping for air. The rain poured. We tried in the future lays to replicate the experience but while it was always good we didn’t hit the mental state that lead to this melding of two people and their first fuck. We rested then went at it again using different positions kissing each other. It was so erotic and I was lost in another dimension. Time stood still as we joined with each other. I grow hot just thinking back to it. We finished then held each other. When we had to dress I licked his cock one more time hoping it would rise but he and I were spent. We dressed and he dropped me off. I thought there was no way I could tell my boyfriend of this encounter as I couldn’t reveal such a release of sexual desire.

I could barely walk as I made my way back to the apartment. I missed my nightly phone call with my boyfriend , he would have to wait. Smelling of sex I decided not to shower as I wanted the feeling to last as I was unsure if we would do this again knowing that we would. I got in bed thinking of what happened and felt satisfied. Our first encounter could not have been hotter. I worried about being able to see Jim with my boyfriend around each other as I felt I wouldn’t be able to keep up appearances in light of such a fucking. Simultaneously I felt bad as I fucked my boyfriend’s friend and I wondered where this would lead. I would have to deal with seeing them both together on Sunday at our baseball game. Sleep overtook me and I dreamed.


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