Two Big Loads

When I was in college I was as horny as a girl could be. I enjoy all aspects of college and took advantage of the freedom of exploration that was offered. In my junior year I met a boy off campus and started to date him regularly on weekends. He was a lot of fun and was as horny as I was and thankfully still am. We would talk about our fantasies during sex one of which was a threesome. He had a group of friends that he ran with that was always looking for the next party and we were always doing things like camping, canoeing, hiking together along with weekly baseball games. One of his friends and I were attracted to each other and we flirted with each other. Sometimes the flirtation got a little hot and we exchanged looks and feels in private and sometimes in front of my boyfriend. Pillow talk with my boyfriend I told him that Jim turned me on and he acknowledged that he saw it. He protested but not really. I remember at one party straddling Jim’s leg at a party while he bounced me. The heat of my groin was pumping and Jim had to stay seated until the bulge in his pants went down. I flashed a look at my boyfriend and he smiled.

We all went to a Phillies game one Saturday afternoon but my boyfriend had to pull out at the last minute. Our friends met and we crammed the group into two cars. I wound up in the back seat next to Jim and we went to the game. We all got pretty drunk at the game and when we got back to the car the ride home got a little frisky with all of us. I made sure that I unbuttoned my shirt a little to give Jim a peek-a-boo view of my breast I teased and played with the boys. After awhile things settled down and so I took a nap to sleep some of the drunk off. I of course leaned into Jim. We dropped two riders leaving four of us in the car and continued the ride home. The sun was going down and I laid down on Jim’s lap. He couldn’t resist slipping his hand down my shirt in the cover of darkness as I acted like I didn’t want it. He finally reached my nipple and I surrendered.

Quietly he felt me up for the rest of the ride with his hands squeezing my nipple and his other hand rubbing my pussy on the outside of my pants then inside my pants. His cock was hard and pressing on my ear as I nestled into it. It was hot and my pussy juice was beginning to soak through my panties. Thinking back it was one of my most erotic moments in my sex life. We got back to our cars and I followed him back to his apartment. It was so erotic as we walked into his place. I didn’t even make it up the steps before my shirt was off. He kissed me hard and with passion as we reached his bedroom. I unbuckled his pants and pulled out his cock that was hard as a rock as it had been all the time on the ride home. It was a big fleshy member and I went down on him as he fell back on the bed. I took my pants off and went back to sucking his cock taking it all the way down my throat as far as I could. He grabbed my leg and pulled my pussy over his face and began to eat my pussy. I exploded. I furiously suck his rod and it wasn’t long before he shot ropes of cum down my throat. I swallowed as much as I could but the pent up sperm overwhelmed my mouth and spilled. When He was done I rolled off of him and he laid there catching his breath. He said it almost hurt to cum as he was suffering blueballs form the day. After a bit he went back to eating my pussy and I came again. His cock grew and we were going to fuck when the phone rang. It was my boyfriend and he was looking for me. Looking at the clock it was later than I thought so I quickly dressed and went to my boyfriends home.

When I got there was already in bed. I slipped in naked next to him. He was a little mad but I reassured him all was well. We spoke about our day and he kissed me and was petting my hair. My hair was long and he commented that it was clumped and offer to brush it. I said no and got on top of him and slipped his cock between my legs. He remarked how wet I was and I said I was around Jim and he knew how he made him hot. He pumped me a little harder. I sat up while fucking him and my boyfriend cleared the hair from my face and tugged on it. I licked my lips as if I was sucking a cock and he pumped harder. He remarked how messy my hair was and I put my tits on his chest and whispered in his ear that the clumps was from Jim’s sperm. I told him about the blowjob and how the sperm filled my mouth. My boyfriend was sent over the edge and he shot a big load in my cunt until it to was filled. I rolled off and cleaned us up. He protested that I blew Jim and I assured him that I didn’t fuck him (not that I wasn’t going to). He was testy but he got over it although I had to fuck and suck him more over the weekend.

About a week or so later I was with Jim and our friends at a bar. We got a few minutes alone and he asked if I told my boyfriend. I said yes and he looked a little nervous. I said don’t worry and planted a kiss on his lips. My hand rubbed the outside of his pants and I felt his cock grow and my panties got wet.

My mind immediately went to thinking about the three of us together.


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