You & I Together Forever

I couldn’t stop thinking about you.
Today all I wanted was you.
A rough day, so stressed.
Seeing you I run into your waiting arms.
Holding you tight.
Can’t get close enough.
You seem to see right through me.
You know I need to loose myself in you.
You hear every sigh I make even if they are silent.
You feel my tension and know just how to fix it.
Kiss me deeply.
You know I need you to consume my darkness.
Can feel my need as if it where staring you down from across the room.
Please babe make me forget my name.
Make me loose my barriers.
Pull me inside now.
Can’t wait to loose everything to you.
Make my darkness ebb away like morning fog.
Kissing you like I was a moth to a flame.
Dragging you up the front steps.
Begging you with my eyes.
Feeling every inch of you I can reach as soon as the door closes.
These clothes are so offensive I mutter between kisses.
Make me surrender.
I’m yours please let me have you.
I see you smile.
I start sliding my clothes off slowly never breaking eye contact.
Please take me I don’t want the world to find me.

I couldn’t stop thinking about you either.
Knowing how bad you wanted me had me hiding behind walls and staying at my desk, just to sneak off into the bathroom and adjust myself for public viewing.
Reading your texts throughout the day, feeling your stress combined with your need has me pacing for 5:00pm.
I do know just how to fix it.
All you need is the lust I provide.
That is your place of escape, when your impaled upon me.
When you met me at the stairs, this is different though.
It’s not desperate but it is more than needing.
More than wanting.
It’s a have to.
Absolute must have.
I can see it in your eyes.
I can feel it between your thighs as your clothes drop effortlessly to the floor while your eyes stay fixated on mine.
Walking me back to your living room, there is no making it any further, you push me back on the couch and drop to your knees.
Both of us ripping at my belt and my pants, pulling them down to my ankles and exposing my throbbing thickness designed to make you forget all that has hindered your day.
Your lips taste my hardened flesh, never once loosing your fixated gaze.
Sliding your tongue up and down the length of my shaft while pronouncing loudly as you suck and slurp how much you love the length of my shaft and how I taste.
With one slow decent, my entire length slides slowly down your throat as my hands push gently upon the back of your head until you gasp for Air.
Sliding out of your mouth as you suck oxygen back into your lungs, I bend down, pick you up, and place your wet swollen entrance to your fuck tunnel upon my cock…..

Moaning in pleasure as your hard cock touches my pierced clit.
God I fucking need you I say as I slowly slide you in inch by inch.
I want to tease us both.
Make it last.
There is just 2 inches remaining as you grab my hips and push all the way into me.
Growling in pleasure as I scream.
I rock back and forth while you grab my round tight ass.
Moaning loud each time my clit slides against you.
You grab my tits and suck and kiss them making me scream.
I grind faster and harder.
Fuck you feel amazing I say.
You moan in response bouncing me on your lap.
Grabbing my big round tits.
I don’t take long, because I’ve needed you all day.
I squirt all over your cock screaming fuck me the whole time.
You bounce me faster
Feeling my pussy tighten and pulse.
I’m pulling your hair and screaming in pleasure
Yes please fuck my wet pussy, fuck me hard!
You grow tired of this and need to fuck me faster and harder so, you throw me down on the couch, spread my legs wide and lick my pierced clit.
Fuck babe your amazing!
Don’t fucking stop!
You tell me to get on my hands and knees.
Oh hell yes I say as I comply.
Fuck me from behind please?
You tell me to beg for your cock.
Please baby I need you so fucking bad.
Really you say as you slide a little into me.
My hips going in circles as I moan for more.
You ask me if I like that.
Yes baby please give me all of you.
You push your cock into me.
Yes baby give me all your cock.
You fuck me hard and fast making me cum all over your cock again.
Fuck your so tight you groan as you fuck faster.
I moan louder.
You feel so big inside me.
It feels like your filling every bit of me with your hard cock.
I want you to cream my pussy so I can taste your cum off my fingers as your cum drips out of my pussy I beg.
You growl in response making me cum again.
Screaming fuck as I feel my cum spray my clit as I squirt for the 3rd time on your cock.

Your cum is flowing from you like a ruptured water main.
Squirting and gushing and saturating my legs.
Your screams and moans are deafeningly loud.
Pleasure like you have never experienced flowing through each thrust into you.
I’ve lost count of your orgasms.
Each ending as the next one is beginning.
A constant ebb and flow inside ecstasies wave.
Your nails dig into my shoulders.
My hands gripped firmly to your ass, ramming you down and impaling you into my cock.
My balls tighten as my release is builds.
Thrusts deeper and harder and faster until my body tenses and my cum is pumped into you with pulse after pulse of my seed.
My thrusts unending as my seed pours deep into you and runs out past your lips down my shaft.

I moan as you pull out
Reaching between my legs and finger my dripping pussy as I suck and lick you clean.
Once that’s done you watch me stick my finger into my mouth.
Groaning you stick your fingers in me and let me suck our combined cum off your fingers.
You sit down when we’re done and pull me against your chest to tell me about how your day went.


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