Sub Drop

If you claim to be a Master
A dominant in the bedroom
That rough sex, bondage, spanking
Slapping, choking, whips, toys
Are your thing, your all knowing topic
But if you know all about this yet
You let your submissive drop,
Let her feel used, not pleasantly used,
Bitterly used, like used gum, spat out
Used without consent to be used
You are no Master, no Dominant
You’re a fraud, an impostor, a fake
Take your lover, bath her gently
There has to be a balance in the acts
Put band aids if you went too far
Have soft clothes available if she wants them
It is your duty as a Dom, as a Master
To take care of your submissive
You can’t just roll over after your done
And that be it, you need to learn balance
To be real, to be caring, to be gentle after rough


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