In Her Darkness

In her darkness, she reached out in search of your touch,
But there was only coldness and pain in your grip,
Solitude the misfortune of those she deceived,
As from her soul the life blood now steadily drips…

In her darkness, it is no longer of relevant concern,
Her impetuous temperament shows this is no game,
No matter what tales you may have heard in the past,
Nothing in the darkness will ever again be the same…

In her darkness, she is tied with invisible ropes,
In a place where in the darkness they play,
Soon the ropes will turn into chains,
That bind her forever and in darkness she will stay…

In her darkness, the screams are a deafening sound,
And the others here are in tears as they cry,
Chillingly they have not yet accepted the truth,
That their souls inside have already died…

In her darkness, no one in here can help you,
Your choices have already been made,
And all those around you who are feigning the truth,
Will someday join you in this deep darkened place…

In her darkness immersed in the river of red,
She is as wicked as evil can be,
Stumbling over the ragged souls of the dead,
Sentenced to the darkness for all eternity…


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