A Lil Dragonfly Erotic Wishes

Lil Dragonfly as you wish, total bliss lost in the touch of my Godly perfection

you deserve every relentless moment for these orgasm’s as you pass out from exhaustion
filled atop firm slow strides resurrected you awake my subject of worship

Feel the warmth of my body’s firm penetration gripped by the waist as it slides in
so tight it hurts as we go deep in places deeper that love’s ever been…

Again and again each time you feel like a virgin
Bent over doggy style position you scream but you love it

legs tremble uncontrollable as all you can do is moan and scream
Your tiny waist wiggle as your pinned down and taken in every position possible

helplessly you cum for me
tears run down your cheek

orgasm count lost after one two three times immediately all together so sweet
but that was before the third time you passed out on me

Then I wake you with something to drink then we go again and again till your to weak to say my name… or speak

Then in your ear I whisper softly, “this is only the beginning”
as you are Relentlessly fucked into submission.


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