The Fun Has Just Begun Part 3

As the game progresses
I’ve been branded and bruised
By your love
Still shackled, blindfolded, and gagged
With anal beads, nipple clamps, and clit clamp in place
You spin
The sting of pleasure
Erupts from my skin
As you whip me with the flogger
One, two, three
Little muffled pleas
Try to escape my mouth
Spinning the twister wheel
I feel the anal beads
Being ripped
From my canal
You ram the dildo
In its place
In and out
With it you play
Throwing my body
Into orgasmic seizure
Writhing in pleasure
From your sadistic ways
Tossing the wheel aside
You grab the electro shock wand
Placing it on a nipple first
Treading slowly down
My torso
Until you reach my clit
Holding it there a few seconds longer
Until you hear me holler
You know I’ve had enough
You release me from the shackles
I whisper I am your little whore
As I curl up on the floor


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