Wanting You In My Mind

Lying here the lights turned off
The silhouette of my body in the glow of my phone’s soft light
The image of your face burned into my soul
The hunger in my heart unquenched, it is all down to animal instinct
My dick so hard in my hand as you float through my mind
Your legs spread welcoming me in, begging me for a touch, a caress
My warm breath on your pubic hair, my tongue on your lips
Circling your clit, teasing it, sucking it, your moans engraved on the inside of my skull
A neon light flashing on my darkest thoughts, begging me to join you in ecstasy
My tongue searching the depths of you, tasting your sweet cream
Wanting more, wanting all of you, your pleasure the lighthouse I ignore
Engulfed in the warmth of your womanhood, your essence the only thing I know
Your sweet juices on my face, I crash into your soul
Your body wracked with the convulsions of your ecstasy, my face buried to the depths of you
The pressure inside of me explodes free, the sweet salty nectar all over me
But silently I cry, alone, wanting you in my mind


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