A Summer Night

I’ve been waiting for you
My star of the evening
And more than that

So many thoughts
going through my head
Scenarios to play out, together

You arrive in the night
and as we find each other
outdoors in the warm night

You open your mouth to speak
yet I close it with my own
Leaving a tight seal

where our breath is no longer separate
we share the same breath
you breath life into me, I into you

What an amazing sensation
to share your very essence with someone
All this, is just in our kiss

You try to speak,
but you are not allowed
you’re confused

I remove your top
pulling it up over your head
with your bra in tow

Both are tossed to the table
a tangled mess
to be sorted out later

You try to speak again
but I lift a finger
“Not a single word”

The look in my eyes
says it all,
this is exactly what you need

Your body starts to tremble
your eyes start to glisten
You begin to drip

Your track pants are the next to go
panties, wet with anticipation follow
you stand naked before me

I adore you, everything about you
not just your body, but your thoughts
your voice, your spirit

As you reach out to touch me
I grab your hands, slightly roughly
I push you into the chair

binding your hands to the arms
I pull you by your silky sexy legs
spreading you wide

And then I begin to feast
licking at your wetness
kissing your thighs

I make love to your pussy
with my mouth, my tongue
darting in and out

Building you up to a release
but not letting you have it
pulling you back just at the edge

and then
I begin

Now I make sure you’re spent
after each round, never fully recovering
you cum again and again

Just pleasing you
you’ve wanted this for so long
I’m not going disappoint

You’ll get every fantasy
you’ve ever dreamed
Even if it will take my lifetime

I’ll show you,
if you let me
If you want me


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