Serving Daddy And Mommy

Daddy is my Master
Mommy is my Mistress
on my fucken knees’
serving whoredom
for eternity (I hope)
in a castle of no escape
(keep me in your whoredom)
Daddy shoves his black cock
into my mouth & down my pink throat
as Mommy shares it with me–
both of us on our knees
pleasing Daddy
“Suck his cock” says Mommy
“Please the big black man”
says Mommy–
and I am her slave girl
pale white and clean
but a nasty & very dirty girl
swallowing cum and Mommy’s milk
as I please him
She slaps me in the
face with his big dick
salty his cock is
filling my cheeks
as Mommy snaps it
into my pink mouth
sucking and sucking
and sucking
like a lollipop’
Mommy French kisses me
pinching my pink nipples
rubbing her licorice buds
all over my tits
in a sexual heat
our hearts pound
as she masturbates my pussy
real fast with her long kinky painted
It feels good as I suck her tits
and she makes me suck
the milk from her milk boobs
squirting me in the face with
her sweet milk as
Daddy & Mommy lick it off
my pink nipples
Mommy makes me do very dirty things
I suck in between her toes
I lick her asshole
I am her little girl whore
and I am not abducted
I offered my tender ass
to the couple for deep
deep anal and sexual pleasures
Daddy likes to fuck me in]
the ass
and Mommy sucks Daddy
as he pulls out
and shoves it back
in my mouth
Then I am mounted into
the fuck machine
with my ass in the air
and Mommy opens my tender
pink ass opening
and puts on the
pink jelly
and Daddy is rock hard
and fucks me real hard
in the ass
Mommy licks my asshole
between fucks
and between going in & out
they drive me crazy
and I cum for
Mommy & Daddy
Mommy holds my chin when
Daddy cums
and makes me swallow
his semen
Mommy often
shares the cum
from Daddy’s cock
and we French kiss in it
until Daddy gets rock hard again
who could stay so soft
in this house of perversion?
could you be hard for Mommy and me?


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