Painted A Picture Of Passion

My canvas is you naked on my bed
I position myself between your legs
You wrap your legs around my waist
I kneel and place my feet against the head board
I ease into you
We begin to fuck
Slow, easy
Deep, easy
Deep, slow
Deeper , faster
Deeper , easy
My lips touch yours
A kiss for new sexual energy
A blast to new sexual heights

We switch
I sit up
Legs still entangled
Hips lowered
Cock risen
Hips swivel
Cock hardens
Hands around neck
Arms around body
Pussy swallows cock
Cock explores
Pussy inhales
Deeper, easy
Deeper , slower
Buried inside
Bodies collide
Fucking, rocking
Shaking , fucking
Another kiss
An hour long
Our bodies unite
As one

We switch
You’re on your stomach
Ass is my prize
Cock enters
Pussy accepts
hammer fuck
Rapid contact
Cock is swollen
Pussy is dripping
Deep , then again
Deeper , and again
Pound , pound ,pound
And then screams
Of pleasure
Screams of passion
Screams of love
Cries of love
Expressed and received
Received and echoed
The bed is totaled
From all the spilled paint ,


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