Fun Times

The thought of you makes me wet
The need for you goes deep
A clenching of the thighs to hide it all
I need to feel your hands running across my body
Your lips on my neck kissing so gently
Making me moan my desire
I feel your long hard member against my ass
I grind against it making you moan
Then I don’t know how I am ridding you
Reverse cow girl
I see the lust in your eyes
As your cock slides in and out of my pussy again and again
Looking back over my shoulder with a wicked grin
I begin to tease you
Pulling off you just to the tip and toying with you
Easing you all the way back in feeling my walls hug you tight
Milking your cock as I cum around you
My body shivering and shaking in the after shock
You take over pounding up into me
Fucking me with the need to fill me with your cum
Fill me to the brim I want it all


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