All Five Sense’s

All five senses heightened when sex becomes the game
Between a man and woman other sex is not the same
They seek to come together, exhaustion at the finish line
good for you, for me was mighty fine”

They began at the beginning with a kiss if you don’t mind
Open mouthed and wanton, with tongues that intertwined
The feeling of her luscious breasts, the look upon her face
The sound of heavy breathing and so begins the race

The clothing is the first to go, many fasteners in the way
Should have a stripper’s velcro , would make it easier to play
A button here, a kiss or two, and nibbles all around
Finally the clothing’s gone, now we’ll see what we have found

The scent of sex is in the air. Her nipples are erect.
He can’t wait to suck on them and further to inspect
His hand moves to her venus mound and spreads her second lips
Lubricating moisture builds between gyrating hips.

His fingers are inserted to excite what’s waiting there
For his strong and rigid penis and two balls with which to share
Fingers move to find the clit, it’s firm, she likes his feel
Could tell that by the sound she makes, a much excited squeal

She hasn’t been just lying there while the room has gotten hot
Her hand has found his penis, and she has fondled it a lot
The excitement now is building and he moves her hand away
“Let me settle down a bit, as we have some further play”

He kisses breast to stomach and then left hip to right
Spreads her legs and kisses there, the taste is a delight
His tongue is working in and out as she screams in ecstasy
He sucks upon her clitoris, she orgasms heavily.

His senses in control again, not on the edge to shoot his wad
For what was next, the bed was there, to excite her naked bod
He lays her on the bed and he spreads her legs out wide
Puts his penis in her mouth and she sucks him deep inside

He licks and sucks her pussy as she licks and sucks his dick
He has to move along again or he’ll be cumming in a nick
He turns around and settles down between those moistened thighs
And plants his rock hard penis as her hips begin to rise

“Let’s enjoy the feeling of my cock within your twat
I’ve given every inch I have, it’s everything I’ve got.”
She lifts her knees up to her chest,” see there’s a little more.
It isn’t my first rodeo, it pays to know the score,”

Taking note of what she said he thought he’d blow her mind
Pulled out and put her on her knees and entered from behind
Slapped his balls against her ass as she rocked with every push
There was excitement, slamming them, against her shapely tush

To further the excitement he laid down on his back
She now got on top of him to bury dick in crack
Her breasts are swaying, with each rise, and fall, to keep the time
He rose to suck each nipple, sweet not sour like a lime

She turned around to deviate, to change the angle of the tool
She didn’t get complaints from him, he was not the family fool
The view was quite outstanding, as she plunged his cock in cunt
He had the view as she plunged anew, there was nothing left to want

He sat up and reached around, placed fingers on her clit,
She rocked against their pressure to make the most of it
Her juices flowed in climax as she wet his balls and cock
It was the second time for her, but who watches the clock?

He thought it’s time to finish this, there’s one more change ahead
He lifted her, and turned her, so her legs hung off the bed
He stood and put her feet on his shoulders by his head
Rammed his cock back in her, stronger, faster; she was glad.

Grabbed her legs, and pulled her to him, balls on ass with every poke
Faster still to friction build, he could swear he saw some smoke
The pressure came on quickly, it was time for him to blow
He shoots his wad and she cums too; the joint orgasm ends the show.

Exhausted now, it’s time to sleep, his penis limp and done
Her vagina’s just a little sore, but that was surely fun.
For today the sex is over, there’s a question left instead
Who’s the one that’s sleeping in the wet spot on the bed?

I think all senses used
In this tale I had to tell
Participants were not counting
For the sex was really swell


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