Nasty Talk

Is it the nasty way I talk?
The way my eyes sought and stalked after her body like a hawk?
The boys smart from the start,
time tells and but baby what if When I lay in the dark I think about wanting someone like you to jump start my heart?
It Beats underneath like the reach for the creep underneath the sheets,
thinking of the lips that will one day meet…

It gets worse, I’m submersed,
see I’m cursed with the nasty nasty,
when that voice gets low and raspy raspy,
and the late night eyes are glassy glassy
sometimes it’s showtime, anytime, anyplace,
I cant change this pace I just need a taste…
slide the panties to the side,
side to side,
up and down by laws I do not abide,
I’m tongue tied when I lick the tides of your pussy lips,
lip to clit imagine the stride with pride as I make that pussy come alive,
Scuba dive deeper and deeper with every glide pleasure is what I prescribe…


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